Gator Blades vs Mulching, Regular and High Lift Blades

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If you really want to classify different mower blade types and compare them, then you will come up with just two blades which are regular and mulching blades.

Regular blades alternately called standard blades are the one that comes with the brand-new lawnmowers. Mulching blades are the ones that you install on your mower to make your mower a mulcher that produces mulch.

In the light of comparison, The main difference between

  • Gator blades vs mulching blades
  • Gator blades vs high lift blades
  • Gator blade vs regular blade

Are discussed below:

Gator Blades vs Mulching Blades

Gator Blades vs Mulching Blades

Before you compare Gator blades vs mulching blades, you need to know some facts about Gator and mulching blades which really helps to understand the main difference between Gator blades and mulching blades.

Gator blades are basically the blades manufactured by a brand called Oregon, you will see and hear them in the market by the name “Oregon Gator Blades”.

What are gator blades: Gator blades are called so because they bear teeths like gator and cut effiecenitly when comes to mowing.

There are different types of Gator blades in the market which are mulching, 100-series, specialty, and OEM replacements blades. These types are manufactured by Oregon.

As mentioned above, among the different types of Gator blades, a mulching blade is one type.

So, you can say the Gator blade is also a mulching blade because the mulching blade is a type of Gator blade.

You can use Gator mulching blades on mowers like Cub Cadet, Husqvarna, Toro, and John Deere.

But if you are talking about “mulching blades” alone it means you are talking about the blades that produce mulch.

Mulch is the material produced by both mulching blades and Gator blades. It adds beneficial nutrients to the soil, so your lawn grass becomes fertilized and green.


If you compare Gator blades with mulching blades then there is only one differentiating thumb rule which is “All the mulching blades are Gator blades, but all the Gator blades aren’t mulching blades”

Gator Blades vs High Lift Blades

Gator Blades vs High Lift Blades

The main difference between the Gator blade and high lift blades is the lift of grass.

High lift blades are the ones that lift the grass high and push them towards the bag attached to the lawnmower or they discharge the grass out of the discharge chute.

High lift blades are a good choice to have a nice, clean, and even cut. If you are doing bagging or discharging, then high lift blades are the ones you want to go with for your mower.

Where Gator blades can be High lift blades if they are OEM. OEM is basically original manufacturing equipment produced by Oregon. It is a type of blade produced by Oregon.

If the Gator blade is mulching type, then you can compare as follows

Comparison of Gator Blades vs High Lift

Gator Blades (mulching type) High Lift Blades
Gator blades are best for Mulching. High lift blades are best for discharging or bagging.
These blades produce mulch to fertilize the lawn. These blades produce grass clippings to pile up and remove from the lawn.
These blades are mostly used on small grass (<3″). These blades are mostly used on tall grass (>4″).
Gator blades have teeth on their body. High lift blades don’t have teeth on their body.
Gater blades produce less air stream. High lift blades produce more air streams.
Gator blades cut grass repeatedly. High lift blades cut grass only one time.
These blades are curvy and sharp. These blades have straightened the body.
You don’t need to throw grass, instead, you can leave it on topsoil. You need to throw away grass produced by these blades.

If you compare the Gator blades with high lift blades, Gator blades are the best choice for landscapers looking for mulching their lawns. And High lift blades are better than Gator ones if you are looking for bagging or discharging.

Gator Blades vs Regular

Gator Blades vs Regular

When you compare Gator blades vs regular blades the first question that comes to mind

“Are Gator blades better than regular mower blades?”

To get the answer you need to know that the main difference betweenGator and regular blades is of the features.

Actually, regular blades are the type of lawnmower blades that comes with brand new mowers. You can also call them standard or original lawnmower blades.

After a few seasons, regular blades get old and lose their cutting quality. That’s why you need to get rid of them with some replacement blades.

Gator blades are not the original blades, but they are the replacement blades.

And if you compare Gator blades vs regular blades, here are some key differences:

Gater Blades (mulching type)Regular Blades
They are made to produce mulch.They don’t produce any mulch.
The grass clipping size is much smaller after cutting with Gator blades. The grass clipping size is larger after cutting with regular blades.
Gator blades are not good for the side-discharging of grass.Regular blades are good for the side-discharging of grass.
Gator blades are not good for bagging grass. Regular blades are good for bagging grass.
Gator blades have teeth and a curved body.Regular blades have straight flaps without any gap.
These blades repeatedly cut the grass into smaller pieces.These blades cut grass one time and discharge them out.
These blades are universal and can be installed on many mowers.These blades are more specific and fit only specific mowers.
The design of these blades produces a medium-lift.The design of these blades produces a high lift.

Gator blades are way much better than the regular blades because regular blades get old and erode over time and you always need a replacement blade, so your lawnmower performs well and cuts grass efficiently. And Gator blades are the best replacement blades.

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