What Color Mulch for a Brick Red, Grey, White & Yellow House?

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Adding mulch colors to your yard or lawn makes it look much better. A fresh dress of mulch can make the look of your grass, flowers or beds even better. Mulch isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer for every situation. Mulch comes in a broad range of hues to suit your lawn and garden demands, encompassing every rainbow color.

Searching for the right color for your home can be a daunting task as there are so many colors to choose from. You can paint your home using a more traditional color, but what if you want something different like mulch color for your home?

What Color of Mulch for Red Brick Houses?

Mulch comes in three basic colors which are red, brown and black. Each mulch is suitable for a house that is colored differently. I will be discussing here the best mulch color combination for red, white, grey and yellow house.

When mulching around house, it is best to consider the landscape of your house or business. You want the color schemes to be in synchronization with each other and will not clash when viewed as a whole.

A red brick home is best complemented by an earthy brown or black mulch while red mulch should be avoided around brick as it lacks contrast, and this will not look good. So here I will be discussing black, brown and red mulch, their do and don’s as well.

1. Black Mulch

Mulches, often black, provide the essential contrast to draw attention to a red-brick structure. For some, this may be too much. Over time, your black mulch will fade and become a duller shade of black.

If your landscaping contains large amounts of greenery, black mulch is the best way to really make them shine.

Black mulch does attract and retain sunlight so if you have a lot of plants which might otherwise suffer from too much heat or even dry out, black mulch may not be the best choice for these specific plants.

Black mulch looks great with contemporary and modern style buildings.

Black mulch easily combines with Talc, manganese ore, calcic fluorite, dolomite and limestone made layouts and design.

picture is showing black mulch spread on red brick house

2. Medium-brown & Brown Mulch

Brown mulch is not only a natural appearance that isn’t overwhelming for the environment but provides a soft background for your plants and shrubs.

In addition to keeping everything hidden from view it also protects from soil erosion.

As time passes, most mulches will fade in color but if you choose brown mulch it will soon blend in with the area around them and give you a great looking exterior that won’t take up space while growing other plants later on.

Medium-brown mulch is flexible and goes well with red brick houses and historic architectural types. It mixes while highlighting without being too contrast. Brown mulch will also help your plants and flowers stand out.

Where brown mulch also good where there is shrub and bushes.

picture showing brown mulch spread on red brick house

3. Red Mulch

Although red mulch is a great choice for many combinations, it doesn’t always work well with brick colors.

Brick colors tend to be neutral and are often the same shade of red as the mulch itself, which can make the mulch blend into the background of your backyard space.

On the other hand, black or charcoal colored bricks may pair well with red mulch because of their contrast levels.

Additionally, if your home has terra cotta, gold or warm colors on your exterior such as wood trim or shutters on your windows and doors, then you may want to consider using a bolder statement color like red in order to create complementary outdoor space colors.

Red mulch is a good seasonal accent for plants that have lighter green shade such as lichen and ferns. Make sure you use it in small amounts because it can wipe out the earth’s minerals throughout your soil, causing a real mess.

red mulch
red mulch spread on red brick house

What Color Mulch With Grey House?

Black mulch and brown mulch are great choices for grey colored houses as they help to disguise the color not only because of their own hue but also because they hide other things such as dead leaves or bark chips.

1. Black Mulch

Gray and modern houses look great with black mulch. This is an excellent alternative if you don’t want a bright hue to draw attention away from your garden or home.

black mulch spread on light grey house

2. Brown Mulch

For houses with grey exteriors, brown mulch is an excellent alternative. This colour mulch is often utilized in these sorts of locations, and it looks great when the plants, trees, and shrubs are lighter in color.

picture showing brown mulch spread on grey house

What Color Mulch for White House?

1. Red Mulch

A white home will look great with red mulch. It’s a theatrical option for landscaping, with bright colours that capture the eye. If your house has red highlights, red might be the perfect color for you. Red mulch looks excellent with red shutters, doors, or a red roof.

red mulch on white house

2. Brown Mulch

Mulch in a light brown colour is more discreet with white house. It is a more natural tint that mixes in well with nature, allowing your colourful plants and house to be the focal point of your yard.

brown mulch spread on white house

3. Black Mulch

A black-coloured mulch is an excellent option for a white property since it creates a striking contrast. Black and white work well together to create a classic aesthetic, and they also work well with other hues. With a white house, the accent colours of your home and the plants you select to landscape with will stand out against the black mulch.

picture showing black mulch spread on white house

What Color Mulch for Yellow House?

1. Red Mulch

Red-colored mulch is an excellent option for a yellow home since it creates a striking contrast. Red and yellow are stunning pairs that make a sophisticated style and go well with other hues.

2. Brown Mulch

Brown mulch for a yellow home adds a beautiful touch to any lawn or garden, and its natural hue complements light and dark-coloured plants.

brown mulch spread on yellow house

Different Types of Mulches and Color Ideas


Almost any mulch colour will work if you choose better mulch. As a general guideline, choose a mulch colour that complements the colour of your house. For example, a white house looks lovely with black, light brown and red mulch; a grey house with brown and black mulch look stunning; a yellow house with red and brown mulch looks fantastic and a red brick home looks fabulous with black and medium-brown mulch.

Choose the best mulch colour according to your house colour, creating a striking contrast.

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