5 Best Cedar Mulches 2022 – Detailed Guide

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Nowadays cedar mulch comes in different forms extracted from the hardwood of the cedar trees and it has a rising trend where people want to use it as organic mulch. But when it comes to different labels that most seller uses on the cedar mulch packet, you may need to look for the best option that fulfills your needs.

More clearly, the best cedar mulch is best when it is local to your area, comes without any chemical treatment, and is extracted from the single specie of cedar tree. This way cedar mulch you lay down around trees, lawns, beds, or yards gives the most benefits to your soil.

Also, you should keep in mind the different facts about cedar mulch before using it. If it is the mulch, you need then you can surely opt for it.

Buying Guide for Cedar Mulch

When you are buying cedar mulch you should keep a few things in mind that can really help you to make the best decision in your interest. Down below I have explained a few things about cedar mulch that you should take as the scale to look at the cedar mulch quality and then buy it according to your purpose of use.

Origin of Cedar Mulch

The origin of cedar mulch matters a lot as it tells us from which tree species cedar mulch is extracted and put on sale.

Western red cedar species are the best and considerably you can say they are the original ones. Western red cedar mulch is best for multipurpose and lasts longer than any other species.

There are other species too like North American, Lebanon, and European Cedar but they are not as good as western cedar species.


The quality of cedar mulch is another important factor to know before you buy cedar mulch.

The cedar mulch coming directly from trees and traveling long distances to store so you can finally buy them from stores is the best quality mulch. Though, it cost you a little bit more.

The cedar mulch coming as by-products from the wood mills is not much qualitative because they have 5-10% impurities of other wood material or wood treatment compounds in it. Though, these kinds of mulches cost you less.

Dryness, Smell, and Color

Dryness, smell, and color directly affect the feel and aesthetic look of your yard. The cedar mulch is best when it is dry, smells woody, and colors light brownish red. You should never buy cedar mulch that has some white strings in it which is an indication of an initial fungal attack.

Shapes and Sizes

The cedar mulch comes in various sizes according to the purpose it is going to be used. You may see cedar mulch in form of chips, shredded pieces, barks, powdered or sawdust.

You should buy smaller-sized pieces of cedar mulch only if you want to make your soil organic in a few weeks. Because small-sized pieces get decomposed easily and make your soil fertile. But you should keep in mind that these pieces get together compactly and block nitrogen exchange which results in plant roots and beneficial nitrogenous bacteria death.

You should buy large-size cedar mulch when you just want to cover the soil. Large-size cedar mulch takes longer to decompose. Also, it lasts longer. One major drawback of using large-size cedar mulch is that it is inflammable.

Now you know the things to know “what is the best cedar mulch”, down below I have reviewed some cedar mulches which you can try:

Reviews of Best Cedar Mulches

1. 100% Natural Cedar Chips by Wood Smith USA – Best Cedar Mulch Brand

100% Natural Cedar Chips by Wood Smith USA

These cedar chips are the best solution for both indoor and outdoor planting. The reason why I am placing this mulch at number one is because of its quality. It is a qualitative mulch in terms of the natural content it is made of.

Also, belonging to the best cedar mulch brand which is Wood Smith USA this mulch is the choice of many people across America as that of mine.

The main thing that differentiates this mulch from other cedar mulches is its ability to become the cover on soil such that it does not cling together letting soil breathe and also it does not let evaporation happens which is a kind of dual functionality of this mulch.

Made for both indoor and outdoor uses, this mulch gives your surroundings not only a natural look but also a pleasant woody odor that every landscaper wants.

Another interesting fact about this 100% chips cedar mulch is that you can use it near animals without any doubt. Even you can use it in your dog or cat bedding. It absorbs the bad odor of your animal and keeps everything eco-friendly.

Also to be used for newly planted plants, it protects the moisture level of the soil. Hence protects your tiny child plants from thirst shocks during summer.

Also, if you use these cedar chips as mulch in your garden they can repel harmful insects which is a positive point.

Being easy to store, it comes in a packet and does not deteriorate over time if you keep the mulch bag air-tight as far as you can.

Regarding the drawback of this mulch, I have not seen any as I am using it for 2 years in my flower pots because it makes my pots as fertile as a fertilizer.

Key Specs

Plant or Animal Product TypeCedar
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor, Indoor
BrandWood Smith USA
Material FeatureOrganic, Natural
ColorNatural Cedar
Unit Count148.92 Ounce
  • Does not cling together letting soil breathe
  • Not harmful for pet animals
  • It has a pleasant woody odor
  • It protects the moisture level of the soil
  • It repels harmful insects
  • Nothing to mention

2. Cedar Mulch Granules 8lb Bag

Cedar Mulch Granules 8lb Bag

This is the second product on my list which is different from other mulches in the sense that it is made to repel insects and gives a pleasant odor throughout the area where you spread it.

Regarding insect repellant nature, you can surely use this mulch in your garden. I mean there are many proven results of this mulch being used in tomato gardens where its insect repellent nature is appreciated.

More to add, this cedar mulch shows excellent results against bugs, aunts, mosquitos, flies, and fleas.

Also, the compositional nature of this mulch is against fungus and bacterial attacks on your soil.

Its coverage is quite good 8 pounds of the bag can cover an area of 3500 foot square.

It is made in form of granules which are very easy to spread on the soil. Also, the granules do not stick together when it comes new. But you got to be careful about watering it. Because if you water it, the granules of this mulch will stick together and will kill soil nitrogen exchange by acting as an airtight barrier.

This mulch is not harmful to your pets that’s another good thing about this mulch.

Though it resists insects, it does not kill all moths for which you have to use some insecticide spray.

Key Specs

Plant or Animal Product TypeCedar
Unit Count128.0 Ounce
  • Easy to spread
  • Repels insects in the garden
  • It has a pleasant odor
  • Not harmful to pets
  • Coverage per bag is good
  • Stick together when you water it
  • Does not repel moths

3. MIGHTY109 100% Natural Cedar Mulch

MIGHTY109 100% Natural Cedar Mulch

This cedar mulch is a great choice for planters, landscapes, gardens, and more.

Another great feature of this mulch is that it comes in natural form as it looks which means it is a 100% genuine forest product that is made without any use of chemicals or color additives.

The best use of this mulch is around trees like you can use it around oak trees.

More to add, it is an organic cedar mulch which means it will add nutrients to the soil when it slowly decomposes.

Also, it is not toxic to pets or kids which makes it a safe product to be used around passing ways.

Like other mulches, it shows similarities in terms of retaining moisture and regulating the temperature of the soil.

Also, this cedar mulch is not a suitable habitat for bugs and insects so you can use it in your garden without any fear of pest attacks.

It is a great product, but it cost you more shipping fees which is disliked by many customers.

Plant or Animal Product TypeCedar
Indoor/Outdoor UsageOutdoor
Material FeatureOrganic, Natural
ColorNatural Cedar
Quantity40 Quarts plus 8 Quarts free
  • 100% natural forest mulch
  • Made without any use of chemicals
  • Repels insects in the garden
  • Provides nutrients to the soil
  • Not harmful to kids or pets
  • Shipping fee make it an pricey product

4. Timberline Cedar Mulch 2CF

Timberline Cedar Mulch 2CF

This cedar mulch is best known for its freshness and appealing look.

Once you spread it on your lawn it gives you a good aesthetic look that you may dream of.

The major thing that differentiates this mulch from others is that it is made from shredded cedar. Broken down into small pieces this mulch provides great cover for your soil.

Also, the mulch particles of this product unite and act as a barrier to stop moisture from escaping your soil during summer.

By the same token, this shredded cedar mulch is a natural blender which means it blends with your landscape colors and gives an appealing look to your landscape project.

Also, I have spread some of it around my wall where I have plants, you can see below in the picture to know what you are getting into:

timberline mulch spread on the soil

Overall it is a great choice to use in small patches of your yard.

Key Specs

Item Weight2550 Pounds
  • Gives any landscape a finished look and feel
  • Controls moisture to help reduce water use
  • Made with a blend of all-natural ingredients including cedar
  • Adds incredible color to any landscape project
  • Easy use for most landscaping projects
  • Nothing to mention

5. 2 Cu.Ft. Natural Cedar Bark Garden Mulch

2 Cu.Ft. Natural Cedar Bark Garden Mulch

This cedar mulch is best known for water retaining ability and smell.

You can use it in your flower bed and after rain you will literally be happy about its woody order.

Equally made to be used on small or larger area, this mulch shows evens in its color profile and retains its color unlike other cedar mulches.

Also, when you are laying mulch on slope, this cedar mulch is an excellent choice as it fibrous components holds together very well even when there is rain washing away everything on soil.

In the same light, this mulch also prevents soil erosion because of its friendly nature to hold on to your soil.

Either it is a vegetable or flowers on your bed, this mulch is best for its nutritive nature.

Also, you can use this mulch to stop weeds. Just keep the mulch depth to 3 inches and you will see promising results.

Being used by many users, this mulch falls in your budget and easy to buy without any hidden tax charges on it.

One drawback is that you cannot use it on acidic soil because it will add to the acidity of soil and may burn the roots of your plants.

But overall, it is another great choice.

Key Specs

Colour FamilyBROWN
Coverage2 CU. FT.
Package Weight37.80 lbs
Package Length31.60 in
Package Width20.00 in
Package Height3.20 in
  • Excellent choice for sloped areas
  • Natural cedar color
  • Best against weeds
  • Retains moisture of the soil
  • Make soil nutritive
  • Gives winter protection to soil
  • Bad for acidic soils

Comparison of Best Cedar Mulches

Sr. No.Product NameBest FeatureDetails
1100% Natural Cedar Chips by Wood Smith USADoes not cling together letting soil breathe.Check
2Cedar Mulch Granules 8lb BagBest insect repellantCheck
3MIGHTY109 100% Natural Cedar Mulch100% natural forest mulchCheck
4Timberline Cedar Mulch 2CFBest known for its freshness and appealing lookCheck
52 Cu.Ft. Natural Cedar Bark Garden MulchExcellent choice for sloped areasCheck

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