Copperhead Mower Blades – All You Need To Know

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Copperhead mower blades are a type of blade commonly used in lawn mowers. They are known for their durability and ability to provide a clean, even cut to grass. In this article, we’ll do a deep dive into the world of these famous mower blades.

Types of Copperhead Mower Blades

There are two main types of copperhead mower blades: high-lift and low-lift. High-lift blades are designed to lift the grass blades before cutting them, which can help to prevent clumps of grass from being left behind.

Low-lift blades, on the other hand, are better suited for cutting grass that is already short.

Choosing the Right Blade

When choosing a copperhead mower blade, there are several factors to consider. First and foremost, it’s important to choose a blade that is the correct size and shape for your mower. In general, mower blades are measured by their length, width, and center hole diameter. It’s important to get these measurements right, as using a blade that is the wrong size can damage your mower and result in an uneven cut.

Another important consideration is the type of grass you will be cutting. As mentioned earlier, high-lift blades are better for taller grass, while low-lift blades are better for shorter grass. It’s also important to choose a blade that is made from high-quality materials, as this will ensure that it is durable and able to withstand the rigors of regular use.

Keeping your Blade sharp!

When it comes to actually using your copperhead mower blade, there are a few things you can do to ensure that it performs at its best. One of the most important things is to make sure that the blade is sharp. A dull blade will not only result in an uneven cut, but it can also cause damage to your lawn. To sharpen your blade, you can use a blade sharpener or have it professionally sharpened.

Mower Height

Another important tip is to maintain the correct mowing height. Different types of grass have different optimal mowing heights, so it’s important to do your research and adjust the height of your mower accordingly. Mowing at the correct height will not only result in a better-looking lawn, but it will also put less strain on your mower and blade.


Overall, copperhead mower blades are a great choice for anyone looking for a durable and effective blade for their lawn mower. With the right blade and proper maintenance, you can ensure that your lawn looks its best and stays healthy. I actually placed these blades as my #1 choice for John Deere lawn mowers.


Where are Copperhead Mower Blades made?

They are usually made in the US, particularly by Rotary Corp.

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