Where to Buy Cocoa Shell Mulch near me?

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Compared to other types of mulch, such as pine needle mulch, various types of red mulch or cedar mulch, cocoa shell mulch is less common on the shelves of your local garden center.

In the following, I will list some good ways to order cocoa shell mulch cheap & easy for your garden.

What is Cocoa Shell Mulch?

Let’s talk real quick about what makes this mulch unique. Cocoa shell mulch consists indeed of the shells of cocoa beans.

where to buy cocoa shell mulch near me?

Cocoa shell mulch is PH neutral, very light and has a great smell. Due to its shape and consistence, it even serves as an amazing decorative element in your garden.

Scroll further down to find out when you should absolutely NOT use cocoa shell mulch.

Is Cocoa Shell Mulch a good manure?

Indeed many gardeners report that cocoa shell mulch works great as a manure. It is not acid as some types of bark mulch and it prevents weed growth effectively. It prevents the soil from becoming dry and keeps the soil nice and soft.

Cocoa Shell Mulch Offers

Let’s look at some trustful sources for this type of mulch.

A well known and trustworthy brand for cocoa shell mulch is Hull Farm. They are a family-owned cocoa shell mulch manufacturer in Southern Wisconsin. Buying your mulch from them is a great way to support a local family-owned business!

On Amazon this is their top-rated and best-selling option:

Hull Farm 50150 Cocoa Bean Shell Mulch, 2 Cubic Feet on Amazon

Cocoa Shell Mulch from Evans Landscaping

Evans Landscaping is a mulch manufacturer from Ohio, that promises to match lower prices if you find them!

Their mulch is currently priced at 15.75$ (2 cu. ft.). Their cocoa shells come directly from the Hershey Chocolate factory!

Click here to view the offer.

Be Aware: Cocoa Shell Mulch is very toxic for Pets

Before you try this type of mulch, one word of caution: As chocolate itself, cocoa shells contain theobromine and caffeine, both toxic for dogs. As you might know, dogs and other pets should not eat chocolate, precisely because of this component. In the cocoa shells, the concentration of theobromine is even a lot higher than in milk chocolate.

In the following video it is said that a 50 pound dog might die from eating 9 ounces of cocoa shell mulch.

If you have a pet (that has access to the garden), you should NOT buy cocoa shell mulch. Check out our other articles about different types of mulch to find a more suitable one for your garden!

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