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Mulchpedia is a something that provides homeowners with the most up-to-date information on mulching. The blog is written by an expert in the field and offers readers valuable advice for maintaining their lawns, gardens, and landscapes. Mulchpedia helps readers achieve healthy soil and maintain healthy plants.


A mulch is a layer of material spread on the surface of the soil, typically organic material, such as garden or forest debris, used as a protective covering to retain moisture and nutrients to sustain plant growth.

Mulching is a landscaping technique that involves spreading a protective layer of wood chips, straw, grass clippings or other material over the soil in gardens and around plants to conserve water, prevent weeds from growing and keep plant roots from being damaged. Mulching a garden benefits the soil and the plants that grow in it by increasing its ability to retain moisture, which can decrease watering requirements. This keeps plant roots from drying out and reduces water runoff, both of which protect soil from erosion. The mulch layer also acts as an insulator against extreme cold or heat, protecting plant roots from freezing or wilting because of high temperatures. In addition, mulches help maintain humidity levels around plants and conserve natural resources by reducing or eliminating the need for irrigation in some areas where rainfall is plentiful

Homeowners use mulch on flowerbeds, lawns, and vegetable gardens. Mulching a lawn helps keep grass looking healthy by shielding roots from direct contact with hot summer sun and preventing damage caused by exposure. The mulch also enhances the look of the garden, prevents soil erosion, reduces water runoff, and attracts earth worms that help with the decomposition of organic matter.


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