Mulching Blades vs Bagging Blades | Detailed Comparison

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In this article, I will be comparing mulching blades vs bagging blades based on my findings when I used them on push mowers and baggers.

To understand the main difference between mulching and bagging blades, you can focus on some facts and features that each blade offers.

Here is the list of differences that you can consider while comparing mulching blades vs bagging blades:

Difference Depending Upon the Blade Type

There are two basic types of lawn mower blades which are standard and mulching. The standard blade has further types: hi-lift, low-lift, and medium-lift blades.

The hi-lift blades are the ones that we call bagging blades.

You will clearly understand the difference from the definitions of mulching and bagging blade given below:

Bagging Blades:

Bagging blades are the type of Hi-lift blades that have bent in their shape to create high airflow, which results in lifting the grass high and pushing them forward in the bag of a mower. Bagging blades are manufactured by Maxpower, Ego power and Stens like brand and supplied by any mower blade selling store on the market.

bagging blade by max power
A Bagging Blade

Mulching blades:

Mulching blades are the type of lawnmower blades that have serrated teeth or cutting edge. They work by creating airflow, which cuts the grass repeatedly, keeping grass clippings engaged in cutting activity instead of pushing them in the mower deck.

mulching blade by maxpower company
A Mulching Blade

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Difference by Shape

It’s another major difference that most landscapers understand when they get used to different blades.

Bagging blades have a bend in their shape. If you see them from the aside, you will easily know it’s a bagging blade.

Where mulching blades don’t have any bends, instead, their functionality is based on their edges. Their edges have serrated teeth or curved flaps (wings), which help to create a high vacuum and strong airstream under the deck of a mower when the blades move. Once the blade starts moving, it cuts clippings again and again.

Difference between mulching blades vs bagging blades based on shape

Difference Based on Grass Clippings and Cuts

If you are mowing your lawn, you will be cutting grass, right?

Here you can also tell which blades you are using.

If you are using a bagging blade, grass clippings have regular cuts, and your lawnmower bag is filled quickly after mowing on thick grass.

To compare, mulching blades work by leaving the grass on the lawn instead of sending it to the mower bag. And if you see them closely, you will see grass clippings are cut finer and into smaller pieces.

Difference by Observing the Mower Vibration

Bagging blades consume more engine power, and your mower vibrates more when it comes to mowing. Where mulching blades consume less energy and result in less vibration as they don’t have to lift and push grass clipping inside the mower bag.

From the above discussion, it’s understandable what are the key differences between mulching and bagging blades.

Below I have summarized differences in a comparison table from the above discussion.

Quick Comparison of Mulching Blades vs Bagging Blades

Key DifferencesBagging BladesMulching Blades
Blade TypeHigh-lift blades, lift the grass high and push it in the bag of the mowerMulch type repeatedly cut the grass and push it on the topsoil
ShapeHas bend in their shapeHas sharp serrated edges or flaps
Mower’s vibrationsMore vibrations, as it consumes more power of a mowerLess vibrations, as it consumes less power of a mower

Benefits & Drawbacks of Bagging Blades

  • Less thatching, keep your lawn look nice and clean
  • Less grass laying over your lawn, No piles, and clumps
  • Boosts grass health as no clippings are left on the grass
  • More oxygen and sunlight to the grass
  • Works well on tall grass
  • It rakes up unnecessary leaves on the lawn
  • Less disease or fungus attack on the plant
  • It drains more power from your mower’s engine
  • It doesn’t do well in dust conditions because dust makes them dull

Benefits & Drawbacks of Mulching Blades

  • Produce mulch, a natural fertilizer
  • Naturally, fertilize your lawn
  • Fewer passes while mowing, which means it saves time
  • It is modern and universally compatible with many mowers
  • Reduce the labor of throwing grass clippings in the trash
  • It makes your lawn lush green
  • Works well on weeds, leaves, and grass
  • It doesn’t work well on wet grass
  • It produces clumps of grass on the lawn

Final Thoughts

Mulching blades are my personal choice based on the experience of using them as it makes my lawn greener and healthier; if I need frequent mulching, where bagging blades are a good option when I want to bag grass clippings instead of leaving them on grass and want to do less mowing.

Three Common Questions

Here are some common questions which landscapers ask when it comes to using bagging or mulching blades

Can you use mulching blades with a bagger?

Yes, you can use a mulching blade with a bagger, but it will not fill the bag of bagger mower as it does in the case of bagging blades so, if you want to use the mulching blades on a bagger its best to remove the bag and let the grass clippings fall on the topsoil of your lawn.

Is mulching grass better than bagging?

Mulching produces mulch which is a natural fertilizer to your lawn, adding nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium to the soil. Which in turn gives more healthy grass. So, yes, mulching grass is better than bagging.

How to tell if my riding mower has bagging or mulching blades?

Your mower will produce more vibration, mulch (finer grass clippings), consume more horsepower, less bag filling, and leave more grass on the soil if you use a bagging blade. Having said that, you can easily tell if your riding mower is using bagging or mulching blades.

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