Cedar Mulch vs Cypress Mulch

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Modern gardeners use mulches to improve the appearance of their gardens and control and maybe limit the growth of undesired species like weeds. Appropriately utilized, you may be able to enhance water retention. Among the most mulches, cedar and cypress mulch are on the top.

Cedar and cypress mulches are the two best options, but they differ in terms of many factors, which I have also explained below with the differences.

At first, let’s get an idea about what cedar and cypress mulches actually are:

Cedar Mulch

Cedar mulch is the mulch obtained from cedar tree hardwood and bark shreds.

Cedar is an excellent hardwood mulch that is good for the environment because it is often cultivated organically without pesticides.

Since cedar trees overgrow and may be replanted after harvesting to help maintain the tree population, cedar is more eco-friendly.

Cedar mulch is the best choice if you’re seeking a sustainable alternative. Also, there are different cedar mulches available in the market to make a good choice.

Cedar Mulch
cedar mulch in packet
9.4/10 Customer Score

Best Features:

  • 100% Natural Cedar; Use with your outdoor and indoor plants; will hold moisture in!
  • Use as an air freshener; natural subtle cedar scent; Refill your cedar sachet bags; Made in USA
  • Put in animal bedding; Put in kitty litter; absorbs smelly odors
  • Great for hanging planters, essential home accessories

Cypress Mulch

Cypress mulch is a mulch made of bark, limbs, and ground-up leaves.

A less expensive alternative that is equally well-liked by gardeners all around the state is cypress mulch. It contains ground-up leaves, cypress tree bark, branches, and the tree’s stem.

For many years, cypress has been top-rated mulch, but recently, because of its effects on the environment, it has gained some attention.

Cypress Mulch
cypress mulch in packet
9.0/10 Customer Score

Best Features:

  • PURE CYPRESS mulch with no other wood chips like cedar or pine, which can be toxic to your pet
  • MAINTAINS HUMIDITY better than aspen, lessening the chances of stressful fluctuations
  • MOLD RESISTANT unlike other substrates that aren’t meant for higher humidity
  • EXTRA SOFT doubled milled fibers that won’t damage pets’ skin and is great for burrowing and providing natural enrichment

Main Difference of Cedar vs Cypress Mulch

You might be asking which one is the best mulch for your garden because both can be great options.

The main difference between these two mulches is their availability, repelling capacity against insects, decomposition speed, odor, capacity to remove pollutants in the air, price, inflammability, and color fading over time.

All these factors are listed below against each other which certainly justify the differences between cedar and cypress mulch in terms of their benefits and drawbacks.

Comparison of Benefits of Cedar Mulch vs Cypress

Both cedar and cypress mulch has some benefits. Here are the benefits of Cedar and cypress Mulch listed against each other so you can differentiate their benefits.

Cedar MulchCypress Mulch
Cedar mulch is an excellent weed barrier when spread at a thickness of 3 inchCypress mulch is an excellent weed barrier when spread at a thickness of 3 inch
Excellent termites and insect repellent
It is small in size, making it good on slopy landsBeing heavy makes it a fantastic option for gardens with slopes
Discourages most fungus and bacterial attacksDiscourages most fungus and bacterial attacks
Cedar mulch’s small pieces stick together making it good for soil suffering from erosion problemsCypress mulch covers the soil well where erosion is a problem
A pleasant odor
Has a longer shelf lifeHas a long shelf life
More eco-friendlyMore eco-friendly
Easily available as byproducts of paper mill factory and wood barks milling
Cedar mulch decomposes slowly compared to cypress mulch
Adds healthy nutrients to soil on decomposition over timeAdds healthy nutrients to soil on decomposition over time
It does not lose its color over time
It filters out pollutants in the air naturally

Comparison of Drawbacks of Cedar Mulch vs Cypress

Both cedar and cypress mulch have some drawbacks. Here are the drawbacks of Cedar and cypress mulch listed against each other so you differentiate their drawbacks.

Cedar MulchCypress Mulch
Can catch fire easilyCan catch fire easily
Can be a cause of less forestation, as it is hard to get mulch from hardwoods
Make plants nitrogen-deficient and hence killing themMake plants nitrogen-deficient and hence killing them
Repels beneficial insects in the garden
Cypress mulch decomposes faster than cedar mulch
Had a bad odor that people don’t like smelling
It loses its color over time and becomes a dull grey
It does not filter out pollutants in the air naturally
It does not repel insects or termites efficiently
Bad mulch as it doesn’t retain water in it to prevent moisture loss in the soilBad mulch as it doesn’t retain water in it to prevent moisture loss in the soil

So, Which Is Better Cedar or Cypress Mulch?

While costing less than cedar mulch, cypress mulch performs the same function. It’s exceptionally unsustainable, though, and buying it contributes to the deterioration of wetland habitats.

Cypress mulch is fantastic, inexpensive mulch for any garden if you don’t mind.

Cedar mulch is far more sustainable if you don’t mind spending a little more. It has a more intense aroma than cypress, although some people are sensitive to the wood’s inherent oils. Using cedar is the most environmentally friendly option, even if it can lose its color and degrade a little faster.

Also, cedar mulch is compared with hardwood mulch but still, cedar mulch is a winning product.

However, I will leave it up to you to decide as all the benefits and drawbacks of cedar and cypress mulches are listed above.

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