7 Best Mulching Blades for Husqvarna 2024

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When you mow your lawn with Husqvarna, you might come across different situations like poor grass cuttings, grass clumping under the deck, old blades out of order, or not mulching well. All these situations converge you to find a new blade that solves these problems, and in the end, you enjoy using your old or new Husqvarna.

Finding the best mulching blades for Husqvarna isn’t so hard if you keep certain deciding factors in mind: the angle of curvature, optimum length, heaviness of blade, mounting options, and above all, mulching performance.

Comparison of Top 3 Picks

Based on different features, performance, and quality factors, here are the top 3 picks among the list of best mulching blades for Husqvarna:

Top Pick
  • Sharp serrated teethes and cutting edges
  • Made in the USA
  • More curve on the body means good mulching
  • Perfect fitment and balance
  • Durable and Affordable
  • Thick and long-lasting
  • Mower engines rattle less after using installing these blades
  • It increases the longevity of mower bearings
  • Mulching perfection is off the chart
  • Easily balanced and mounted on the mower
  • It helps you to save time and get rid of bagging
  • Hi-lifter mulching blade
  • It can be used on propeller & push mowers
  • Better than Husqvarna factor blades
  • Cuts smoothly, and less passes required

Best Mulching Blades for Husqvarna by Maxpower, Gator, 8TEN & OEM

If you haven’t found a suitable blade from the top picks, you can go through the details of each blade from the list given below, in which different mulching blades by different brands like Maxpower, Gator, and 8TEN are discussed:

Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade Set (2)

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/2-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Maxpower 561713XB Commercial Mulching Blade Set (2)

The main features of this blade that make it on the top of the list are sharp cutting serrated teethes, easy installation, durable and high-quality metal.

Unlike other Gators blades, they have more curves on their edges which serve as a wing to drive airflow towards the deck. That airflow helps to create a vacuum and enhance the working potential of your mower.

Once the blade rotates under the mower deck as you mow, it cuts grass repeatedly, producing a fine quality mulch.

With perfect length and width, these blades are easy to mount on your mower and maintains the perfect balance without wobbling.

Meeting the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) standards, these blades are high-quality material which depicts their longevity and durability.

These blades are also worth spending money on and can be found in the market with affordable options. As they come with another functionality as leaves mulching blades

To reap the best out of these blades, you should install this blade on Husqvarna such that the teethes on the edges should face the deck and the opposite cutting edge towards the ground.

What I like
  • Sharp serrated teethes and cutting edges
  • Made in the USA
  • More curve on the body means good mulching
  • Less wears and tears of the mower engine
  • Perfect fitment and balance
  • Durable and affordable
What I don’t
  • It’s thick blade; you will need a mower engine in sound condition

This blade can fit Husqvarna, Poulan and Craftsman model number 134149, 138971, 138498, 127843, PP24003, AYP7143A79, AYP7158A49, AYP9149A69, DPR20H42STA, TS14H42C, 2P4B9A, 9169A99 and 9178B99.

8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade Set (2)

Brand: 8TEN, Mishon Inc | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 20 7/8” | Width: 2 ½” | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in China

8TEN LawnRAZOR Mulching Blade Set (2)

I wasn’t expecting the quality of these blades when I first ordered them because it bears the tag “Made in China”. But after observing its mulching performance, these blades prove to be the best mulching blades for Husqvarna 42 or you can say them a riding mower blade.

First come first; these blades just slide in on my mower shaft so easily without any hurdle. Additionally, one thing to observe about these blades is the sound of the mower.

After installation, your mower will run so smooth that you won’t hear any rattling sound as somebody has turned on the vacuum pump.

Because these blades are hand-handled, which will result in longevity of mower bearings.

Owing to its performance, the best thing I observed was its great mulching quality on tall wet grass.

Not to mention, the price of these blades is very reasonable compared to the quality and performance it delivers.

The blades are a bit heavy than other blades, which means they are durable, but you cannot use them on mowers with a weak spindle assembly part.

What I like
  • Thick and long-lasting
  • Mower engine rattles less after installing these blades
  • It increases the longevity of mower bearings
  • Mulching perfection is off the chart
  • Easily balanced and mounted on the mower
What I don’t
  • Heavy blades, make sure mower shaft is in good condition

It fits many mower brands like Ariens, AYP, Craftsman, Husqvarna, Sears, Poulan Pro, Redmax, Gravely. Focusing on Husqvarna 42 inch mower blades, it fits mowers bearing model numbers 2042LS, LT125, LT130, LT152, LT16542, LT18542, LT1942, LTH125, LTH130, LTH140, LTH145, LTH1542, LTH1742, LTH18542, LTH2042, LTH152, LTH174, LTH1842, LTH2142 and many more.

Maxpower 561738XB Commercial Mulching Blade Set (3)

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 54-inch Deck | Length: 18-1/2-inch | Width: 3-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Maxpower 561738XB Commercial Mulching Blade Set (3)

Compared to the previously mentioned Maxpower blades, these blades are dimensionally made to fit a 54-inch mower.

Getting on its performance, these blades evenly cut your lawn without leaving behind any stipes of grass.

More to mention, they work well on tall (>4-inch) grass without leaving any clumps behind. The serrated and uplifted teeth make the mulching performance 100%, which means you will need less passes to mow your lawn.

Not only mulching your grass, but you can also use these blades to mulch small sticks and limbs.

Compared to the high lift blades that came originally with a new Husqvarna, these blades are longer, wider, and thicker, which confers your mower with high mulching capacity.

Additionally, these blades are copper heads and made of high-grade steel material, which means they will last many seasons.

The minor downside of these blades is they need sharpening and balancing before installation.

I have seen many people complain about its performance, to be clarified here, they don’t fit it right. If you fit it as I did, you won’t face any poor results. Try to keep the teethes face toward the deck when you fit them on your Husqvarna; I mean, that’s the right way.

What I like
  • No more stripes of grass left behind
  • Works on 4-inch-tall grass
  • Uplifted mulching edges
  • Mulches grass, sticks, and limbs
  • Copper head mulching blade
  • Made of high-grade steel material
What I don’t
  • Need minor sharpening and balancing before final installation

These are the right gator blades for the Husqvarna 54-inch deck bearing OEM numbers 187254, 187255, 187256, and many others. You can match the OEM number from your Husqvarna’s manual to find the right compatibility.

Oregon 95-621 Gator Mulching Blade (1)

Brand: Gator by Oregon | Fitment: 21-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 0.187-inch | Central Hole: Circular 5/8-inch| Made in USA

Oregon 95-621 Gator Mulching Blade (1)

It’s a great upgrade offered by Oregon and a perfect Husqvarna 21 inch mulching blade.

Using this blade means you will be doing less passes, or you may even mulch the whole lawn in one pass; it totally depends on the length of the grass before cutting.

The teeth and curvy edges confer the perfect design to this Gator mulching blade body, leaving no grass leftovers.

If you are really into mulching, it will definitely help you get rid of bag and grass disposal.

Coming in 21-inch length, this Gator blade has extended cutting length to produce a mulch that surely fertilizes your lawn.

Keeping all the quality controls in check, these blades are made to meet high standards. They are heavy, thick, durable, and have a real cutting beat.

Unlike other Husqvarna factory blades with fins on them, this blade lifts the grass right so no more Clumping or uncut grass clippings.

Not to mention, these are the heavy blade, and upon fitment, the mower produces a bit more noise.

What I like
  • It helps you to save time and get rid of bagging
  • Hi-lifter mulching blade
  • It can be used on propeller & push mowers
  • Better than Husqvarna factor blades
  • Cuts smoothly, and less passes required
What I don’t
  • Heavy blades
  • The engine will make a bit more noise when you use these blades

It fits perfectly on 21-inch mowers including Husqvarna, Craftsman, AYP and Poulan. This Husqvarna 21 inch mulching blade is compatible with Husqvarna mowers #532175064, 532-1750-64, 532189028, 532-1890-28, 532406712, 532-4067-12, 539111878, and 539-1118-78.

Oregon 96-370 Gator G3 Mulching Blade Set (2)

Brand: Gator by Oregon | Fitment: 46-inch Deck | Length: 22 7/8-inch | Width: 2.75-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Oregon 96-370 Gator G3 Mulching Blade Set (2)

Another miracle brought to you by Oregon; these are the right Gator blades for Husqvarna 46-inch.

Apart from being made only for 46-inch mowers, the best thing about this blade is its powder coating on the body, which prevents it from rusting if you use a Husqvarna mower on wet grass. Also, it gives more longevity to the blade over many seasons.

I would say do a test by yourself fitting these blades compared to the original ones; you will see a clear difference in the length of grass clippings as they produce much smaller ones.

The serrated teeth over the edge and extended cutting length will help you eliminate ugly grass clumping on the lawn.

Using these blades, you don’t need to worry about the heavy-growth season of grass, as they cut them like a chopper and uniformly make your lawn look clean.

More bending in their shape makes them the cutting king among Gator blades for Husqvarna 46-inch.

They are built-in sharp and high-grade material, definitely better than OEM or standard blades.

Lastly, you will not observe a single drawback of this blade if you install it the right way.

What I like
  • Powder-coated blade, which means less rusting
  • It can be used over many seasons
  • Produce comparatively smaller grass clippings
  • Smaller grass clippings than usual
  • No more ugly grass clumping
  • Uniform cutting
  • Sharp and High-grade material
What I don’t
  • Nothing to mention

It fits Husqvarna mower 403107, 503405380, and 532405380. It also fits 46-inch deck Ariens 21546611; AYP 403107, 405380, 532405380, 532403107, 575937901, 777405380; Craftsman 33266, 403107; Poulan PP21011.

Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Mulching Blade

Brand: Husqvarna | Fitment: 22-inch Deck | Length: 22-inch | Width: 3-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Genuine Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) Mulching Blade

As the name indicates, they are OEM blades which means the same brand is giving you the mower and mulching blade so that you won’t face any compatibility issues during installation.

Husqvarna mowers don’t come with mulching blades, so the manufacturer has released these mulching blades, which can replace standard blades that come with the brand new mower.

It is the ideal Husqvarna 22 inch mulching blade for landscapers who are tired of facing fitment issues.

These blades are sharp.

A common misconception that I have observed is that people think a sharp blade should cut your hand if you touch it, but that’s not true because it’s common sense that a sharp material will wear out quickly.

To conclusion on this thought, these blades are sharp enough to cut the grass efficiently.

The downside of these blades is they aren’t so curvy, and bend-design, which means they will mulch the grass but the clipping size will be larger than the one cut by Gator blades.

To that thought, you can opt for the above-mentioned Oregon 95-621 Gator mulching blade.

What I like
  • Extended cutting length
  • Perfect fitting, zero-compatibility issues
  • Sharp blades
  • No need for additional sharpening
  • OEM part, a good replacer blade
What I don’t
  • Not so curvy or have a bend in the body which means these blades will leave some clumps of grass

This blade is called OEM (original equipment manufacturer) blade, which means it was made originally from the company Husqvarna, which sells Husqvarna mowers. This fact gives you an idea that it will be compatible with all Husqvarna 587199603 lawnmowers.

Oregon 95-077 Mulching Blade Set (3)

Brand: Gator by Oregon | Fitment: 52-inch Deck | Length: 18-inch | Width: 4-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Oregon 95-077 Mulching Blade Set (3)

That’s the blade in the market, so I gave it a try on 52-inch Husqvarna. These are one of the best Husqvarna Gator blades.

I observed these blades’ heaviness, sharpness, long edge, smooth rotation, and fitment, just like an OEM part.

You don’t have to sharpen these blades as they already are.

It has a 4-inch thickness means they are heavy yet long-lasting. You can easily install them on zero-turn mowers without any hassle.

The suction power under the mower deck is high, which means they will cut the grass effectively and work just like a great mulching blade should work.

A five-point star hole fits perfectly into your lawnmower without disturbing the spindle assembly; hence, it offers very few chances of wearing and tearing your Husqvarna.

What I like
  • Better than OEM part
  • Sharpy material
  • 4-inch thick, heavy, and durable blade
  • Suction power is higher than other Husqvarna Gator blades
  • Fits perfect
  • It helps Husqvarna runs smoothly, offering fewer wears and tears
What I don’t
  • Nothing to mention

Regarding compatibility, these are the best Gator blades for the Husqvarna 52-inch deck mower that bears part number 574870801.

Checklist to Buy a Mulching Blade for Husqvarna

Assigned Number on Blade

Each blade has a part number assigned to it, which matches the exact replacement number for your Husqvarna mower. Before buying, you should match that number from the mower’s manual with the number written in the blade description. This way, you won’t face any compatibility issues.

Dimension of Blade

The dimension of a blade refers to its length, width, and thickness.

The length varies according to your mower’s deck size, and it can vary from 16 to 22-inch. A Husqvarna mower with a bigger deck can have a small length mulching blade, but a mower with a smaller deck can’t have a longer mulching blade.

Normally, the width of the blade is 3-4-inches. A wider blade like the Gator mulching blade, usually 4-inch wide, is considered a good mulching blade.

The thickness of the blade can vary from 2-4 inches maximum, and the thickness of the blade directly affects its weight and rotation under the deck of Husqvarna. Thicker the blade, more RPM consumed, and a good quality mower will be required.

Design of Blade

Design directly affects mulching quality and grass clipping size after cutting. A curvier and lifted edge blade is considered a good design. Take an example of Gator blades that bend in their body and lift edges to cut the grass effectively.

Sharpness of Blade

Another important factor that you can check before buying is by pushing your thumb against the blade gently. A mulching blade should be sharp enough to cut the grass, not your thumb. Owing to my experience, I would say Maxpower, Gator, and 8TEN blades are sharp blades.

Balance of Blade

Balance of blade is its stability on Husqvarna mower shaft. Balance totally depends on the design of the blade, and a curvy blade with a perfect mounting hole will exhibit great balance. The hole of the blade can be circular, five-star, six-star, or seven-star.

Built-in Material

The material built with high carbon steel material is good, which you should consider. A cooper head blade built with quality metal is the best option you have for your Husqvarna.


The best manufacturer on my list is Maxpower, Gator and 8TEN blades are sharp blades.


The durability of the mulching blade depends on the built-in material and thickness, and a thicker mulching blade is usually more durable and lasts many seasons.


It is also an important fact to check for reviews of mulching blades. Try to get an idea from the product reviews given by people and then make a final decision.

The major benefit you will get reading the reviews about a blade will be avoiding mistakes what they did and fitment issues faced by them.

How to Install the Mulching Blade on Husqvarna?

After you have bought a mulching blade, the best next deciding step comes, which directly affects the mulching performance of Husqvarna.

This step is “Installation of Mulching Blade on Husqvarna”.

So here are the steps which you can follow:

  • Turn off the Husqvarna and remove the spark plug.
  • Drain any fuel so it might not spill out when you lift the Husqvarna on one side.
  • Now lift the Husqvarna one-sided so you can see the deck of the mower in front of you.
  • Place a wooden box to block the movement of the old blade.
  • Now unscrew the blade using a wrench.
  • After that, put the new blade on the spindle; here, make sure the teeth of blades are facing the deck of the mower and sharp edges facing you so when you fit them and run your mower, the sharp edge will face the grass and cut it efficiently.
  • After fitting the new blade fill-in, the fuel and reattach the spark plug.
  • Turn on your Husqvarna and do a few passes on your lawn to check the mulching performance.

How to Install Mulching Kit on Husqvarna?

When installing a mulching blade on Husqvarna, you might need a mulching kit that converts a normal Husqvarna mower into a Mulcher Husqvarna mower.

A mulching kit is basically a mulching blade with a plug.

To install a mulching kit on Husqvarna, follow these steps:

  • First, disconnect the spark plug and remove the old blade from Husqvarna.
  • Flip the mower on its side so you can see the underside of the deck
  • Now remove the old blade using a wrench and place the new one there.
  • After that, put on the plug, which will fit the blade in place without wobbling.
  • Tighten it, flip the mower to a normal position again, and do a few passes on the lawn to check the mulching performance. The mulching performance you can check by noticing the grass clippings size after cutting; it should be around 1 inch in length.

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