7 Best Mulching Blades for Cub Cadet 2023

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Finding the best mulching blades for Cub Cadets of different deck sizes can be an uphill task. It involves various technicalities if you really don’t want to lose money buying blades that don’t fit right on your Cub Cadet mower.

As you install mulching blades on Cub Cadets, it does gives you the benefits of cleaning your lawn and adding natural nutrients in the form of mulch to the soil.


Cub Cadet Mulching Blades

MaxPower 561532XB | Commercial Mulching Blade Set for 42-Inch Cub Cadet

MaxPower 561532XB | Commercial Mulching Blade Set for 42-Inch Cub Cadet

The best thing I like about this blade is its design, shine, and sharpness. You don’t need a mulching kit to work with these blades.

The commercial mulching blade has sharp cutting edges (serrated teeth), offering precision, outstanding mulching performance, and uniform chopping distribution.

It has a centrifugal airlift design which means it creates a good vacuum under the deck of the mower and lifts grass high while chopping it repeatedly.

More to add, the sharpness of this blade is off the chart; you will see grass cuts into small pieces which blend on your lawn easily after using these blades.

They are heavy-duty blades built with high-grade material, can cut stubbles and sticks coming in their way. Offering less passes to cut the grass also saves up to 18% energy (less vibrations) on your mower engine.

Try not to use these blades on tall grass (>3.5 inches) where you have to mow again and again because you will end up having piles under your deck of the mower. Also, these are not recommended for bagging.

  • Perfect design, shine and sharpness
  • Sharp cutting serrated teeth
  • Works without mulching kit
  • Uniform cutting and great mulching
  • Ideal design to chop grass into tiny pieces
  • Heavy-duty blades save engine energy up to 18%
  • It doesn’t work on grass taller than 3.5 inches
  • Not recommended for bagging, features less bag filling

Made in the USA, these blades fit not only 42-inch Cub Cadets but also fit many other mowers. It easily fits with models that bears OEM numbers 942-0616, 742-0616, 942-04126, 742-04126, 942-04126-x, 942-04308-x, 942-0616-x, 942-0616A, Windsor 51-4440.

3-in-1 Gator Blades for Cub Cadet | for 50-Inch Deck

3-in-1 Gator Blades for Cub Cadet | for 50-Inch Deck

As the name indicates, this blade performs three primary functions: mulching, bagging and discharging.

It is the best choice for those landscapers looking for enhanced bagging performance with fast rotations and an extended cutting area of the mulching blade.

As manufactured by the Gator brand, this blade is made of high-quality steel, which is 20% more harder than standard mulching blades. This feature makes it the long-lasting blades even after many seasons.

The best thing about these blades is they fit 50-inch decks efficiently. Also, they rotate well under the mower deck because they are thinner and more robust than standard blades.

Additionally, it works efficiently without choking the mower engine if you use it on tall grass or uneven grass.

You can also use these blades with a mulching kit that comes with a plug. It will help you cut and make seasonal leaves disappear.

You will never regret giving these blades a shot with affordable prices and better performance than standard Cub Cadet blades.

  • Affordable price, yet delivering quality
  • Thinner and 20% more harder blade
  • You can use it on a bagger
  • Also, mulches leave
  • Works well on thick tall grass
  • High-grade steel material
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Will bend if you hit it hard with something like stone

Efficiently fitting on a 50-inch deck, Cub Cadets replaces blades bearing numbers 74204053A, 74204053B, 74204056 or 74204123.

Rotary 12963 PK3 Copperhead Mulching Blades | For 54 Inch Cut

Rotary 12963 PK3 Copperhead Mulching Blades  For 54 Inch Cut

This blade is an upgraded version of Rotary 12809 PK3 Blades for Cub Cadet, which was previously made for 50-inch cuts. However, this blade is made for 54-inch cuts that fit Cub Cadets and many other models.

Owing to its performance, it has serrated teeth, rotates well, heavy-duty and durable blade.

The one thing that differentiates it from others is its length, width, thickness, and weight which is more than usual. So, you will need a good running engine to work with this blade.

These blades are suitable for landscapers looking for massive mowing on more than 4 acres as they mulch grass well without losing performance on long distances.

They also work on tall (>3-inches), wet and thick grass. Additionally, they will also perform well on sandy soil.

They are a bit expensive compared to other blades but will be your companion for any season.

  • Durable blades
  • Work on all kinds of grass
  • Also, it works on tall grasses
  • Also, it works on sandy soil
  • Convers huge areas in few passes
  • Fit many mowers
  • Heavy-duty blade
  • Heavy blades, which mean you will need the latest models to use this

It fit 54-inch deck mowers. Cub Cadet tractors and Toro lawn mower are the main ones. It fits Cub Cadet 742-0677, 2011 and newer; GT1554; 14AK13BK010; 14AK13BK056; 14AK13CK010; GT1554VT; 2009-2012; 13WK92AK010, and many more which you can check in the product description to find your mower number in it.

MTD 942-0741A Replacement Mulching Blade 21-Inch Length

MTD 942-0741A Replacement Mulching Blade 21-Inch Length

At first, I checked where my Cub Cadet model is mentioned; it’s not in the product description, then I realized it’s the overall fit for 21-inch cut mowers. So, I gave it a shot.

It is one of the great items from MTD genuine parts store that helps you make your lawn greener doing mulching.

The best thing about this blade is its universality; it fits Cub Cadet and many other brands.

You may observe a paint or glaze of edges that many people don’t like, but this paint’s primary purpose is to protect you from any injury during installation.

After one or two passes, this paint automatically goes away so that it can give you more excellent cuts.

It is a pre-sharpened blade, so it’s better not to sharpen it right after you buy it because you will lose the mulching quality by damaging the blade during sharpening.

Another eye-catching feature is that it consumes less engine power and reduces fuel consumption very well.

To get the best out of this blade, first, check it is the right fit and second, don’t make the mistake of sharpening right after you buy it.

  • Fits many mowers
  • It comes pre-sharpened inbox
  • Less fuel consumption
  • Take just five minutes to install
  • Bears 90 days warranty
  • No cons

It is a good fit for 21-inch deck mowers, including Cub Cadet. It is compatible with Cub Cadet bearing manufacturer number 942-0741A which you can find in the mower manual. However, this blade can replace 01002810, 742-04276, 742-04276S, 742-0741, 742-0741A, 942-04276, 942-04276S, 942-0741 and many more.

MaxPower 561556 | 2 Set of Blades for 42-Inch Cub Cadet

MaxPower 561556  2 Set of Blades for 42-Inch Cub Cadet

This blade is the correct choice due to its excellent installation, fitment, cutting edge, and heavy-duty performance features.

Unlike other mulching blades with a bend in their shape, these blades are straight ones and thicker comparatively, which means they can easily mow thick grass.

Additionally, they have a six-star hole which makes it fit on your Cub Cadet perfectly.

As mentioned earlier, these blades are straight, which means they only mulch, but they aren’t made for bagging. 

Though, their straight profile makes it easy to cut, offers less RPMs (means it consumes less engine power), and less drag.

To ensure good performance, it is better to install mulching blades right. Sharp edges of these mulching blades should face the grass when you mount it on the mower so they can cut grass easily.

  • Less RPMs, less drag
  • Cuts fine
  • Heavy-duty mulching blade
  • Easy to install
  • It also fits Craftsman CMXGZAM110108
  • It cannot be used for bagging as it lifts grass less

It fits 42- inch Cub Cadet mower bearing OEM numbers 742-04308, 742-04312, 942-04308, 942-04312, 119-8456. OEM (original equipment manufacturer) number is a number assigned to the mower blades, which you can find in the manual; it helps you find the right blade for your mower.

MaxPower 561548B | Universally Fit 42 Inch Cub Cadet & Many Mowers

MaxPower 561548B | Universally Fit 42 Inch Cub Cadet & Many Mowers

It is the perfect fit at a great price, made in the USA; these blades, once installed, offers smooth running of the engine and less vibrations on the mower. Which means it ultimately enhances the lifetime of your mower.

More to add, these blades have curvy metal flaps, which helps to lift the grass high and push it out of the mower’s chute.

Also, this blade is durable, which means it can last many seasons due to the high-grade metal it is built with.

Measuring 21-3/16″ In length by 3″ In width, this blade is easy to mount and fit just right on your 42-inch Cub Cadet.

Owing to their thickness, these blades can bear great stress without bending if you hit something hard.

The major benefit of these blades is they also work with bagger, but on the downside, it doesn’t work on sandy soil.

  • Made in the USA
  • It offers less engine vibrations
  • Lift grass high so you can also use it on a bagger
  • High grade and non-bending steel material
  • Easy to install
  • Does work on the sandy area.

It fits 42inch Cub Cadet, Toro, and Windsor. The compatible Cub Cadet models include OEM #742-04126, 742-04308, 742-0616, 742-0616, 742-0616A, 742-0656, 942-04126, 942-04308, 942-04312, 942-0616, 942-0616A, 942-0616A, 942-0656.

MaxPower 561544B | 2-Blade Set for 46 Inch Cut Cub Cadet

MaxPower 561544B | 2-Blade Set for 46 Inch Cut Cub Cadet

This mulching blade features excellent quality, fitment, and durability, which is way better than the original blades that come with Cub Cadet.

If you observe closely, you will see a suitable thickness and consistent, sharp edges.

Owing to their thickness, they are stout and doesn’t deform easily.

Unlike other blades, they are heavy, but they don’t cause any damage or added vibrations to the mower’s body.

Their six-star central hole makes them easy to mount on almost all kinds of Cub Cadet models.

Their durability is subject to the high-grade carbon material which is manufactured in the USA.

When it moves under the mower’s deck, they just hold grass tight so that you will not see any uneven patches on your lawn. It all happens due to their design, but don’t confuse it with high lifting, which they aren’t.

  • High-grade carbon steel material
  • Easy to install
  • Made in the USA
  • It doesn’t damage your mower
  • Long-lasting and durable
  • Not made to lift grass high

This blade fits Cub Cadets with OEM numbers 742-04244, 742-04290, 942-04244 and 942-04290. It also works on Craftsman CMXGZAM110131 and CMXGZAM110181..


In the end, I would say whenever you buy any blade for your Cub Cadet; it’s better to check that it fits right and mow right. After you buy the right mulching blade for Cub Cadet, you will observe the benefits of mulching in few days as mulch will act as a natural fertilizer to nourish your lawn and make it lush green. From the above mentions, here are the three best mulching blades for Cub Cadet from my point of view are given below:

See also our article about the best mower blades for Cub Cadet lawn mowers.

Buying Guide for Cub Cadet Mulching Blades

The benefits you reap from the above mulching blades are only when you have the right blade working for you. 

So, I always pass any blade through my personal buying guide before making my final decision.

This buying guide is my personal checklist I created after experiencing different mulching blades. Below are some checkpoints that you can check to find out which blade is the right fit for your mower.

Length of Mulching Blade

Length is what makes blades rotate ideally under the deck of the mower without interfering with other parts. Lengths can vary from 16 to 22 inches which totally depends on the deck size of the mower.

Width of Mulching Blade

Width also matters as ideal width cut the grass right. It can vary from 2-4 inches. A wider blade can damage the deck or part of the mower, and a thinner blade can result in less mulching of grass.

Shape of Mulching Blade

Shape refers to the curve in the body and edges of the blade. Sharp and uplifted edges of the blade are ideal for mulching operations. The curve part of the blade makes it easy to cut grass and make mulch. More the curve in the body of the blade means better mulching. 

Fitment According to Hole

The blade’s hole must have the diameter and shape according to the shaft of the mower where you will mount it. Blades come with five, six, seven-star and circular types of holes. So, it’s better to check the blade’s hole for proper fitment on the Cub Cadet. 

Number of Blades Required

Each Cub Cadet requires a different set of blades. Usually, two is the best option as you always have a spare if a single blade is needed. If your mower requires more than one blade, you can opt to buy a set of blades according to your budget.

Quality, Durability, and Warranty

The manufacture offers these three aspects. Usually, USA manufacturers are great in this case, and they provide good quality, durability, and warranty on mulching blades. I would say thicker and steel-made blades always prove to be qualitative and durable

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