9 Best Mulching Blades for Lawn Mowers 2024 (Universal and Compatible)

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Are you tired of using rake, lawn waste bags, and green waste pickups? The mulching blade brings the solution to this problem.

Mulching is a process of leaving grass clippings (mulch) on the lawn surface to increase the fertility of the soil and nourish your lawn, which ultimately takes out the laborious work of bagging and dumping grass.

Moreover, mulching blades add extra fine cutting features if you install them right and they are way much advanced than regular blades.

Based on experience and experts’ reviews, I have covered a list of the best mulching blades below so you can easily find the most compatible blades for your mower.

Best Mulcher Blade for Your Lawnmower

Below, you can use the comparison to get a quick idea of the best mulching blades from top picks.

Maxpower 21 inch Universal Mulching Blade
Maxpower 21-inch Universal Mulching Blade
  • Universally fits all 21-inch deck lawn mowers
  • Straight profile
  • Sharpened cutting teeths
  • 3-in-1 purpose blade
  • Manufactured in USA
Best Mulching Blade for Walk Behind Mower
Best for Walk Behind Mower
  • Less Engine vibration
  • Also works on my Craftsman 675 gold series 21 push mower
  • Less torque required to fit
  • Perfect design for proper balancing
Best Mulching Blade for Zero Turn Mower
Best for Zero Turn Mower
  • Works well on tall grass
  • Centrifugal air lift design for uniform chopping distribution
  • Made from high grade steel
  • Wider and thicker

Here you can deep dive into reading mulching mower blades review.

Best 21 Inch Mulching Blade | Maxpower 331981B Gold Metal Blade

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/2-inch | Central Hole: 1-inch circular | Made in USA

Best 21-Inch mulching blade | Maxpower 331981B Gold Metal Blade

If you are finding it hard to match the right size of the blade that has the right fitting for your 21-inch deck lawn mower, then this universal blade is the right choice.

With sharp teeth, straight profile, cutting quality, durability, and its universality, this blade happened to be the right choice for me.

Coupled with a 21-inch size, this blade works on a lawn that is damped and holds water.

It cuts damped dew-covered grass into the short clippings right away. You can use these short clippings to mulch-Hence reducing the effort to throw away clippings or baggings.

Before running the mulching mower, please ensure the grass is not wet (due to watering the lawn).

Not to mention, being manufactured by the brand “Maxpower” in the USA, these blades show enormous compatibility with all 21-inch deck mowers like Troybilt, Husqvarna, Craftsman, MTD, Snapper, and John Deer.

It comes with a 1-inch circular hole with reducing washers to make it easy to mount it on the crankshaft/blade adaptor of your mower.

I have seen few landscapers mounting it the wrong way and complaining about “it is not cutting right”. To avoid such things, use the reducing washers and fit them while teethes should face the deck.

In my opinion, make sure you fit it the right, so it doesn’t wobble; it will cut grass, leaves, and weeds into fine mulch right to fertilize your lawn.

Thumbs Up
  • Universally fits all 21-inch deck lawn mowers
  • Straight profile, unlike other blades that has a bump in their structure
  • Sharpened cutting teethes to produce a fine cut, enhance efficiency if sharpened more
  • 3-in-1 purpose blade: cuts grass, leaves, weeds
  • Quality item manufactured by Maxpower in the USA
  • Smoother movement of the shaft of your mower
Thumbs Down
  • Works on flat ground only. Does not work on hill or angle
  • It doesn’t fit 21″ Ego, Kobalt 80V, Honda HRR216, Ariens, Greenworks lawnmowers

You should consider some features of this blade: perfect fitting, sharpness, serrated teeth for extra cut, mulching quality, and universal compatibility. If you have 21-inch deck lawnmowers, it’s a perfect choice to make your lawn look magnificent and lush green.

Best for Riding Mower | Oregon G3 Gator Blades, Set of 3

Brand: Oregon | Fitment: 54-inch Deck | Length: 18-1/2-inch | Width: 2-3/4-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Best for Riding Mower  Oregon G3 Gator Blades, Set of 3

Keeping up the awe-inspiring features, these are some of my favorite blades for a riding mower. Thanks to Gator by Oregon for bringing this five-star center hole blade that saves time for landscapers.

This blade is the fine choice for the standard riding mowers with some wheels to run across 3/4- or 2-acres lawns.

These blades are compatible with 54-inch deck lawn mowers like Ariens, Craftsman, Poulan Pro, and Husqvarna. Also, these blades work well with zero-turn mowers.

The handiest feature that it comes with is that these blades work if you are working on high settings of your mower to cut grass at a certain height, so it works well with the tall grass.

Additionally, these blades have perfect and sharp fins to produce fine mulch. Also, it avoids clogging and lessens the cleaning operations.

One noticeable feature is that it has some thickness (187-inch) which makes it a little heavier.

This thickness makes it less vulnerable over time and offers longevity to serve the cutting purpose. But the same way, a sound quality engine is required to operate with these blades.

Thumbs Up
  • Works on high deck settings for tall grass
  • Perfect fitness with 54-inch deck mowers
  • Five-star hole that universally mounts
  • Heavy duty blades thicker than the stock blades
  • Sharp fins to cut out fine clippings
Thumbs Down
  • Needs powerful mower engine to work with, loss of RPM (RPM is rotation per minute)

In short, heavy duty-Oregon G3 Gator blades are convenient for heavy-duty riding mowers, especially Craftsman and Husqvarna. As a lawn owner, you will not lose a pie to make this part of your machine if you want to use it for throwing nutrients on the ground.

Best for Walk-Behind or Push Mower | Maxpower 331528B Blade

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/2-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Best for Walk-Behind or Push Mower | Maxpower 331528b Blade

Manufactured in the USA, 21-inch length and 2-1/4″ in width, this blade is the right fit for high-lifts to spread nutritive mulch on your lawn. 

In the light of compatibility, It has a bow-tie center hole design that bolted well on 21-inch cut MTD, Cub Cadet, and Troy-Bilt models. It also fits the craftsman push mowers, especially the gold series.

Another feature that it bears is the “edgy curve” that enables it to mulch grass properly for a regular greenskeeper.

It doesn’t have serrated teeth, but it carries sharp edges at a 45-degree angle and comes in the box with an impeccable design that gives it a perfect balance when mounted.

You don’t need to remove the paint on it to make it sharper as it already serves the purpose when it comes packed.

Once mounted, it rotates well with the blade adaptor, uses less power, and produces less vibration, which is a plus point for the life of your mower.

It has 3x longer life than your old blades and holds its structure, with no molding. This feature includes it among the finest mulching blades for your push mower.

Thumbs Up
  • Less vibration, uses less engine power to rotate
  • Also works on my Craftsman 675 gold series 21 push mower
  • Less torque required to fit and balance it on mower shaft
  • Does not need paint removal for sharpening
  • Perfect structure and design for proper balancing
  • Sheer and sharp blade
Thumbs Down
  • Packaging is hard to open but works at the end

Furthermore, owing to its pros, it is a great choice for your lawnmower if you are planning to throw clipping on the ground or some instant bagging. On a properly provoked mower, this rectangular metal object does remove the heads of your grass buddies and saves you an extra mile.

Best for Zero Turn Mowers | Maxpower 561738XB Blade

Brand: Maxpower | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/4-inch | Central Hole: Bow-tie | Made in USA

Best for Zero Turn Mowers | MaxPower 561738XB Blade

The main feature that made me add zero turn mower blades to that list is the mulching quality, as these blades produce finer mulch.

This set of three-blade has a five-star central whole with 18-1/2 inch length and 3-inch width. It replaces OEM numbers 187254, 187255, 187256.

These commercial mulcher blades have sharpened serrated teeth and enhance the cutting surface to produce fine cut clippings.

Also, its centrifugal airlift design makes it a great blade for uniform chopping distribution.

I used it on 5–6-inch grass, which solved my problem of producing fewer grass lumps and finer mulch. You can easily mow sticks and small limbs on your lawn.

They are a bit longer, wider and thick but undoubtedly fit on zero turn mower, especially Husqvarna. Their cutting edges are made with high-grade steel that enhances their endurability even after two months of usage. And it goes on.

Thumbs Up
  • Fine and hefty mulcher, also works on tall grass
  • Fits on 54-inch decks
  • Centrifugal air lift design for uniform copping distribution
  • Made from high grade steel
  • Wider and thicker which means more endurability
  • Less need to sharpens for repetitive use
Thumbs Down
  • Commercial but not universal as it fits only on compatible models
  • Thicker blades so it will require a good engine to operate well

In essence, these blades are for tall grass and heavy-duty operations. Check for its compatibility, and once it is the right fit, you will enjoy high durability.

Best for Mowing Leaves | Oregon 96-900 Gator G3 Blade

Brand: Oregon | Length: 21-inch | Width: 4-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

If your lawn is filled up with leaves, it hinders the sunlight from reaching on topsoil, which results in grass wilting and deterioration.

Also, it becomes an uphill task to rake all those leaves, bag or pile them in one place. But if you have the right settings it will be easy to mulch those leaves getting side benefits.

As shown in the video, the Gator blades works very well on leaves and equally on grass.

It has lifted flaps that create a good vacuum and moves smoothly in the mower.

These Oregon mulching blades pretty much help your mower to suck up leaves and grass and give a fine mulched output. 

On a first trip, you will be cutting the leaves and grass that mover can easily suck, and you repeat it, so the cut pieces are more broken down into smaller clippings.

When installing these blades teeth should face up and towards the deck to get the best results.

Thumbs Up
  • Specifically made to mulch leaves and increase topsoil fertility
  • Grind up any small twigs and bush trimmings
  • Needs no sharpening
  • Star pattern hole matches the factory original
  • Efficient design to lift and shred leaves
Thumbs Down
  • No drawnbacks so far, it only gets problematic if you mount it wrong

Give it a try in your yard covered with leaves. It will mulch them nicely so the kids can play on their Greenland. It’s worth spending the money on.

Best for Husqvarna mower | Maxpower 561713XB Blade

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/2-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Best for Husqvarna mower | Maxpower 561713XB Blade

This mulching blade is by far the great fit for my Husqvarna riding lawnmower.

It also has compatibility with many other mowers claimed and reviewed by experts.

These blades create a good suction with sharp cutting teeth and cut the grass into fine clippings. Also, it avoids clumping, so landscapers will see well-cut grass stripes.

Additionally, these mulching blades have a 5-point star hole that may fit only specific to your lawnmower.

Uniquely, these blades are thicker and maintain perfect balance.

Your mower shaft will rotate at a constant rate as its design creates a noticeable flywheel effect.

The flywheel effect is something that helps your shaft mowing when your mower engine is between power strokes.

Let’s just say Maxpower 561713XB Blade support mower engine when it is taking a breath.

Thumbs Up
  • Also compatible with Poulan, Craftsman
  • 5 point star hole make it easy to mount on mower
  • Works on damped/humid grass.
  • Produce flywheel effect to support mower engine
Thumbs Down
  • Its thick blades works on mower engine in a sound condition. So, can’t use on old models

To final thoughts, I didn’t land on this blade first, but now I don’t regret it as it mulch grass much, much better. You can look into its compatibility for models, and it’s worth a try for your Husqvarna lawn mower or tractor.

If your Husqvarna mower has a different deck size then you must choose from other mulching blades according to the compatibility of your Husqvarna.

Best for John Deere Mower | Rotary Copperhead Blade

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/2-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Best for John Deere Mower | Rotary Copperhead Blade

This USA-made ISO 9000 certified tool is one of the best mulching blades for your John Deere mower with sharp and vertical cutting teeth.

With a sharpened edge, it holds up the root and random stick in your yard. So no more uneven cuts or chunks of un-mulched grass left behind.

It has 7 point star hole, and the angle, which makes it a compatible blade for john deer, is off the chart.

It has vertical serrated teeth and perfect weight to maintain balance and airflow to mulch leaves efficiently. Also, it uses less power from the mower engine to rotate, leading to less fuel consumption.

And when you mount it, you will observe less vibration and a clear, smooth cutting.

Additionally, it doesn’t break after long term usage, which means this metal is hard, and not to mention it has passed the Rockwell hardness test, which shows its higher endurability,

Moreover, its sharpness bounds no limits if you go in deeper and thicker on damped soil.

You will only see a grass clump near the discharge chute, and that will be the size of your palm, so the efficiency of these mulching blades speaks itself.

Thumbs Up
  • High lift blades and serrated teeth to produce fine mulch
  • Durable and Endurable
  • Bears ISO 9000 certification means high quality
  • Less vibration, less fuel consumption and smooth rotation
  • Good for taller and thicker grass
  • Works well on damped soil
  • Less grass clump
  • Pre-sharpened in box
Thumbs Down
  • Bears some extra weight, need a mower in sound condition to work with

For the most part, these mulching blades work like a cham. When you use it, you will observe the smaller clipping size and will surely forget the regular blades.

Best for Cub Cadet Mower | Maxpower 561556, 2 Blade Set

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/2-inch | Central Hole: 5-point Star | Made in USA

Best for Cub Cadet Mower | Maxpower 561556, 2 Blade Set

Made in the USA, these cub cadet blades are gold for yard mulching service; also, your engine bogged down less over the tall grass. These blades are quite thicker and stronger than previously mentioned blades.

The main benefit of blades is they bend less if you hit something while mowing. It’s a non-bending and sturdy metal against whacking rocks, hills, and swamp grass tufts full of mud.

Made of high-quality, heavy-duty steel, these mulching blades work well when mowing rough ground with obstacles.

Additionally, this blade mounts well with its point star hole and cuts tall weeds and grass nicely.

These blades are sturdy but do not lift the grass so well, which means these are not made for bagging but mulching, yes.

Unlike other curved blades, these a thicker and has low lift, which means you may have to mow twice if you are looking to cut small grass, or you may have to go with lower settings on the mower.

Thumbs Up
  • Sturdy and strong metal
  • Doesn’t bend easily if you hit an obstacle
  • Works well on rough grounds
  • Made in USA
  • Also, mulches leaves and weeds
  • No stripes of missed grass
Thumbs Down
  • Flat which means low-lift blade, not useful for bagging or throwing grass clippings far

All things considered, this Maxpower mulching blade is a clean cutter for rough ground and a trustworthy friend for summer. It totally depends on the type of ground to make the final decision. If you have a rough surface, then this beast will mulch the clippings just right.

Best for Toro Timemaster Mower | Genuine OEM Blade Set

Brand: Maxpower | Fitment: 42-inch Deck | Length: 21-inch | Width: 2-1/4-inch | Central Hole: 6-point Star | Made in USA

Best for Toro Timemaster Mower | Genuine OEM Blade Set

These blades are 3 in 1 entity as it performs three basic functions mulching, bagging, and side discharge. It really does a better job than the hi-lift blades. 

When replaced with my original blade, you will find your mower like it’s new, and while mowing, it will reduce everything to confetti so fine it disappears into the topsoil.

There are no more stripes of missed grass as it mulches the grass up, leaving nothing visible left on top. 

If you zipped around the yard at top speed, you would still get everything done; this makes these blades superior quality OE (original equipment) blade for your toro time master.

Coupled with triple functionality, these mulching blades have fine thickness and sharpness to last for at least two seasons.

Something to clear here, many people use these on a 42-inch deck which is wrong as it is made to fit a 30-inch toro timemaster universally. You can also check for the model number when you buy this.

Thumbs Up
  • 3 in 1 functionality: Mulching, Bagging, Side discharge
  • Produce quality mulch mowing at speed
  • Easy to mount on toro timemaster
Thumbs Down
  • Not found as it the right fit

To summarize, these blades are qualitative, durable, endurable, compatible, and better than the original. Before you give it a try, make sure it matches your model number.

Buying Guide

Compatibility Fitmen / Mounting Options

Compatibility is by far the most important factor which depends on different parts of blades.

Here are the enlisted factors and measures that come under the umbrella of compatibility, so have this checklist noted before making a final decision.

Check Hole Design & Size

Mulching blades holes are of different sizes and designs, including universal, five-point, six-point, 7 points, and circular.

So, before you make a final decision, look at the spindle substrate of your lawnmower, where you will mount the mulching blade.

Length and Mower Deck Size

Length is another important factor that decides the airflow and cut quality. So, blades of a certain length must match the deck size of the mower.

A smaller blade will create less airflow and mulches less. Also, it will increase your mowing passes because of uncut grass stipes left behind.

Larger blades will slow down the mower’s shaft and result in clumping due to low speed. Also, these can damage other blades on deck or the engine itself.

It would be best if you looked at the side of the mower to check cut size or length, or you can use your mower’s manual to find a good fit.

Mulching blade length usually varies from 16 to 54 inches.


Mulching blades are heavier due to the material they are made of.

These require some more RPM (rotation per minute) to operate on your mower.

The weight can slow down the mower, so if you buy a thicker blade, make sure to check the condition of your engine as the old mower might now support its rotation and results in clogging. 2-4 pounds or near to that range is normal for mulching blades.

Anyhow, to avoid weight resistance, you need to make sure to turn on your mower and warm it up in a resting position so it will work smoothly when you engage the cutting deck.

Using blades of different materials is also bad as it will cause turbulence in the mower, which will hurt the shaft itself, or it may totally seal the engine.                        


The material from which the blades are made gives you the idea of the longevity of blades. High carbon steel works well in this case without bending and is quite handy over many seasons.


Thickness also affects the life of blades and matters when you accidentally hit an obstacle as it prevents it from pending.

O.15-0.20 inches or near to that range is a considerably good thickness.


Durability is another important factor. It depends on thickness, weight, and metal material.

Thicker blades like Oregon gator blades are so far more durable as they are wide.


Pre-sharpened blades are always preferred as it saves time for sharpening first and fitting in your mower.

“Some buyers look at the paint and make wrong notions about sharpness.”

The best way to check sharpness is that you slightly push your thumb against the blade edge or teeth.

The Angle of Curvature

You should review the angle of the cut to ensure it truly is a universal replacement.

You make that decision based on the curve of flaps or edges.

Number of Blades Needed

The number of blades or blades kits also matters. Make sure how many blades your mower needs.

Coupled with a number, also think about weight. All blades must be identical.

Not to mention, it is a good practice if you buy an extra if your mower uses one blade alone. It will help to replace it during an emergency or accidentally hitting a rock.

Brands and Manufacturer

Brands or manufacturers also matters.

I prefer to buy USA based provider.

Noteworthy, mulching blades manufactures are Gator by Oregon, Maxpower, and Mishon Inc.

Pricing and Customer Rating

Customer rating also matters in any case to buy an item. If you have any queries, you will find the right answer in customer reviews and ratings.

Pricing of the product depends on your pocket. I would say Oregon and Maxpower win that battle every time.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I mulch my lawn?

It is better to mulch your lawn once a week during the cutting season. Too much mulching will only make a shreddy lawn where late mulching will result in tall grass and weeds unable to cut, or it will cause clumping in the mower and piles left on the property if you mow.

Will mulching blades work with a bagger?

Yes, mulching blades can work. It’s not recommended to use thick mulching blades with a bagger mower because it reduces bag filling. The main reason is that thicker blades are made for heavy engines; they do not create enough airflow to lift the grass on old or traditional ones. In short, mulching blades will work for bagging leaves and grass if you have a good working mower.

When to use mulching blades?

You can use mulching blades once a week. The best time to use is when your grass is 2:00-4:00 pm because, at that time, the grass is not wet. Also, when your grass grows 3 inch high, you should mow it otherwise tall grass cause clumping in the deck if cut late.

Can you sharpen a lawnmower blade without removing it?

The hard answer is yes; to do so, you will have to hold the blades real tight and use the 10-inch file with a handle to rub against the blades. You can also use other sharpening tools made for blades. Always use metal gloves to avoid injury. On final thoughts, it is not recommended to sharpen a blade without removing it as it is an uphill task. So, remove your blade and sharpen it only if you are a professional.

Can I use mulching blades with side discharge?

Yes, you can use it as side discharge throws grass clipping on the topsoil effectively, and it also avoids grass clumping in the deck of your mower, which is a plus. You will need to buy a blade that has a good lift.

Can you put a mulching blade on any mower?

No, you can only use the mulching blade on a mower if is a mulcher type or it has a shaft on which you can install a mulching kit. A mulching kit is used to fit a mulching blade on non-mulching mowers.

Can you use mulching blades without a mulching kit?

Yes, if blades fit your mower properly, you can skip the use of mulching kits as mulching kits are used to convert your mowing deck into a mulching deck using fitting hardware that comes with the kit.

Is it safe to leave grass clipping on the lawn surface?

Yes, once you leave grass clippings on topsoil, these act as fertilizer when decomposed, nourishing the lands, which is a positive point regarding mulching. Additionally, mulch has NPK(nitrogen, phosphorous, potassium) elements in it to make your soil nutrient-rich.

How can I know my mulching blade cut better?

The cutting power of the mulching blade depends upon the angle of curvature and sharpness of edges. If these two factors are good, then they will surely cut better. They will not leave any grass stripes or clumping.

Where to buy mulching blades?

The most trustworthy brands to buy mulching blades are Gator, Maxpower, and 8Ten. You can explore these brands on Amazon to find the best match for your lawnmower.

Final Analysis

In the final analysis, mulching blades do take the hard work off and bring you a good sight of your lawn by adding mulch to your lawn which is nutritive and act as fertilizer—here the right choice of mulching blades matters which depends on their compatibility with your lawn mower.

Are you finding any issue fitting your mower blades? Are your new blades not working fine? Feel free to holler your suggestion and Ques in the comment…Thanks

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