5 Best Mulching Blade for Toro 22″ Recycler 2024

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If you are using Toro recycler 22 inches, you might want to switch from your regular blades to the mulching blades. It’s perfectly normal that your toro mower blades get old or need replacement. That’s why you might want to choose the best mulching blade for the Toro 22″ recycler.

Having said that, the right mulching blade would be the best choice for your mower. Because choosing a mulching blade over OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or regular ones not only save you time and money but also makes your lawn lush green.

Actually, the mulching blades you mount on the Toro recycler produces mulch (smaller pieces of grass) which is left on your lawn intentionally.

Correspondingly, this mulch naturally adds nutrients to your lawn and makes it lush green. It would be better if your grass isn’t taller than 3 inches you can do mulching and get rid of bagging or discharging.

Let’s get to know the best mulching blades for toro mowers.

List of the Best Mulching Blade for Toro 22″ Recycler

59534P Genuine Replacement Blade for Toro 22 Recycler

59534P Genuine Replacement Blade for Toro 22 Recycler

On top of my list is this replacement blade for toro 22 recycler. Using on my toro it just gave me the mulching results I wanted.

I will surely give you the bullets points on what got me so attracted to this blade.

First thing first, this blade is better than the original and very easy to install.

The perfect weight and thickness make it the perfect fit for many toro models.

More to add, this blade is a true silencer for toro. After installation on the toro mower, the vibrations are reduced to none, and the sound of the mower becomes smooth.

You won’t need any file to sharpen it because it is already sharp.

Uniquely, this blade is slightly longer and has an aggressive angle (curvier) which results in enhanced cutting and mulching performance.

Another thing to mention here is the even cut this blade gives. You will see the evenly cut grass on your lawn after using this mulcher.

To say nothing, make sure to keep the deck settings of your toro high. It will keep the mower and blade healthy side by side giving you’re the great cuts and a cleaner lawn.

Talking about the cost, this is a factory blade and costs much less than the original which is fair on all ends.

Last but not least, this blade is dull but try not to sharpen it as it is already sharp. I would say go for performance, not on the looks of this blade.

  • Install just right
  • Perfect weight, length, and thickness
  • It reduces toro vibrations and makes it run smooth
  • Sharp mulcher blades
  • Great quality at a reasonable cost
  • Nothing to mention
Product Requirements
Width: 2-1/4″
Central hole diameter: 7/16″
Thickness: 0.1500″
Length: 21-11/16″
Compatibility: It fits toro recycler from 20012 to 20373 series.

Maxpower 331376XB Commercial Toro Mulcher Blade

Maxpower 331376XB Commercial Toro Mulcher Blade

Second, on my list is this commercial-style mulching blade which in other words is a good toro mulcher blade.

In the light of mulching, this blade is fat better than the atomic mulching blades.

The design and looks of this blade are just like Gator which means it already tells you

“I will be a good mulching blade” 🙂

 If you observe its cutting edge which is opposite to the teeth this blade is straight and parallel to the ground after installation.

Its straight edges will edge will make it easier for you to sharpen them whenever needed.

By the same token, a straight edge helps your toro to give again an even and clean cut without any variations throughout your lawn.

Your engine bog down less and grass clumping is not a problem if you are using this blade. Its only possible due to the built-in material it has which is solid and qualitative.

Equally important are the tri-cuts tips which this blade has.

It let the grass pass through it and pushes the grass towards the cutting edge to produce very fine mulch.

The durability of fins is very good compared to that of atomic blades which wore out after one season.

Fins are basically the edges I am talking about.

It’s a perfect one-way fit means keep the edges towards you and install them in one try, that’s where it saves time for installation.

The excellent engineering and design of this blade save your time by 50% as you have to do fewer passes, less mowing, and less work.

  • Commercial mulching blade
  • Better than the toro atomic blade
  • Performance is better than Gator blade for toro recycler
  • Engine bog less after using these blades
  • It has Tri-cut tips for enhanced mulching performance
  • Enhanced durability
  • Perfect design, balance, and ease of installation
  • Nothing to mention
Products Requirements
Dimensions: ‎22 x 2.25 x 0.25 inches
Weight: ‎1.96 pounds
Compatibility: It Replaces OEM #: toro 104-8697-03, 108-9764-04.

3-N-1 Gator Blades for Toro 22-Inch Recycler 94-907 96-607

3-N-1 Gator Blades for Toro 22-Inch Recycler 94-907 96-607

It’s one of the best Gator blades for toro recycler.

Gator is a rising brand in terms of selling great mulching blades and this happens to be the right one for me.

Wondering why it is 3 in 1 blade.

It means it performs three basic functions which are

1. Mulching

2. Bagging

3. Discharging

Well, I am always comfortable with mulching because it makes my lawn look greener due to the mulch produced by these Gator blades.

If your grass is taller like 4 inches this blade will still cut it to the ground like dust which surely depicts their mulching efficiency.

It cuts the grass so clean that you won’t observe any mess in your yard. It really takes out the labor of making and throwing grass piles.

Also, try it on leaves because this Gator blade is the best for mulching leaves.

This blade mows so well that if you are planning to make a path through grass you can make it. In simple words design your own lawn using this blade by keeping deck settings low.

Uniquely, on observation I found out the wet grass doesn’t build under the deck of toro if you use this blade. It only happens due to the smaller grass clippings it produces after cutting the grass.

The fins of this blade are more curved than a normal atomic blade which means it will give you good and even cuts on the grass of your lawn.

Lastly, it has paint on its edges, which you can remove using a file. But that doesn’t mean it needs sharpening.

Regarding their bagging and discharging performance, I would say it is medium type, not too good not too bad.

  • Gator mulching blade
  • Works well on tall grass and leaves
  • No need to raking after using this blade
  • Its Fins are curved, which means better mulching
  • Sharp and a total beast on your lawn
  • Not aggressive bagging or discharging blade
Product Requirements
Blade length (measured diagonally): 21-11/16-inch
Blade width: 2.25-inch
Blade center hole diameter 7/16 inch
Compatibility: It Replaces toro Blade Part No. 104-8697-03, 108-9764, 108-9764-03, 108-9764-03P, 131-4546-03, 131-4547-03, 59534, 59534P.

Stens 302-462 Silver Streak Toothed Toro Push Mower Blades

Stens 302-462 Silver Streak Toothed Toro Push Mower Blades

Offered by the brand called Stens, this blade is also a good mulcher.

The best thing to mention about this blade is its extended area of fins opposite to the cutting edges of these blades.

The design of fins is so perfect for enhanced mulching performance.

These perfectly designed mulching fins help the blade to push more air towards the deck which helps your more to cut grass to smaller pieces with few passes.

Coupled with perfect design, this material has black paint on it which prevents it from rusting. This means you can also use it on wet grass and not worry about it getting rusting.

You can also use this blade if you are using a bagger on your toro mower. These blades can lift grass 40% higher than the regular blades which means you will get a much better cut.

It is a silver streak-toothed blade made of steel that prevents it from bending in case you ride your mower on some hard object.

It has a thickness of 25% more than the original blade which contributes to its durability.

These toro push mower blades are dull but it doesn’t need sharpening before installation.

  • Its mulching fins are powerful and of great design
  • Suck up grass very well
  • Rust proof material
  • Good bagger
  • 25% thicker than original blade, better durability
  • The blade is dull
Product Requirements
Length: 21 3/4″
Center hole: 7/16″
Width: 2 1/4″
Thickness: 0.149″
Compatibility: It fits Replaces OEM Numbers: toro: 104-8697-03, 108-9764, 108-9764-02P, 108-9764-03, 131-4547-03, and all models that have steel decks.

131-4547-03 Pack of 2 Toro Lawn Mower Blades

131-4547-03 Pack of 2 Toro Lawn Mower Blades

This blade set comes from the toro store.

So, if you are looking for some genuine toro parts these blades will serve the purpose.

It is the exact match for the toro you are going to have on the market.

With optimum length and width, it replaces your old and dull blade quite easily.

The exclusive design of this blade produces smaller pieces of grass clippings which when left on lawns will decompose to give nutrients to your soil.

It is perfect for steel decks toro mowers due to its compatible body dimensions.

It has a central hole which helps you install them quickly on the shaft of a toro.

Unlike other Gator or Maxpower blades, these blades have straight body and balance well on the mower without causing engine vibrations.

The edges of these blades aren’t so sharp but if you have a simple file you can use to sharpen them.

As already mentioned, these blades are pretty much straight so the same way they create a vacuum under the deck of your mower. This means you may need two passes or more to get the optimum length.

  • Good blades for common house lawns
  • Works well on small height grasses at home yard
  • Work just like genuine blade
  • Optimum length to cover the perfect cutting area
  • Not an aggressive mulcher
  • May needs sharpening before using
Product Requirements
Length: 21 3/4″
Center Hole: 7/16″
Width: 2 1/4″
Thickness: .149″
Compatibility: It fits toro: 104-8697-03, 108-9764, 108-9764-02P, 108-9764-03, 131-4547-03. and all models that have steel decks.

Buying Guide

Through my experience and trying out different mulching blades on toro, I have created a buying guide that can really help you to make your final decision.

This buying guide has certain factors which should keep in your mind before buying any mulching blade.

The importance of buying guide is based on the fact that it decides many things.

Because whenever you choose from the best mulching blade for toro recycler the end results matter.

You should always look at the buying guide because it will ultimately affect the following things

  • Quality of mulching
  • Evenness of cuts on grass
  • Proper fitness
  • Ease of installation
  • Life expectancy of your mower
  • Health of grass

So, the above list is the basic highlight of the results you get after making a good decision. To make a good decision here are the following factors you should consider:


Compatibility of blades means the ability of the blade to work with your mower (toro).

Compatibility of blade mainly depends on three measures:

Mounting Hole

The mounting hole should be able to fit your mower’s shaft precisely. Different mounting holes fit different mowers.

Check your shaft a choose the hole it fits with. There are different types of holes like five to seven stars, bow-tie, circular or universal type. So, make sure to choose the best mulching blade for the toro 22” recycler.


The length of your blade should be 22 inches because you are buying it for your toro 22” inch recycler.

Blade longer than 22 inches will break the engine.

where blade smaller than 22 inches will cover less cutting area and you will have to do more passes to mow your completely which will be time consuming and laborious.


The width of the blade shouldn’t excess 3 inches because it will cause wearing and tearing of your engine parts over time.

Smaller width won’t help either way because it will directly affect cutting efficiency.

Proper fitment and balance

Once you have a compatible blade, it will fit just right and easy way. The best thing to observe here is that it has a proper balance after you mount it on your mower.

A wobbling blade can be compatible with your mower, but it will break the mower’s engine parts.

So, the blade you fit your mower should be like it was made for it. It shouldn’t shake or wobble after installation.

Mulching Performance

Mulching performance is another important factor to look for.

To get an idea of how your mulching blade is performing well or not is to mow your lawn with one or two passes.

After making one or two passes, observe the upper surface of the grass. The upper ends of the grass will tell you the evenness and quality of cuts.

If the grass is even then your blade is mulching just right.

Before buying, check the sharpness of the blade which is the only thing that affects mulching or cutting performance and can be checked before buying.

Design of Blade

The design of the blade also affects the overall mulching performance of the blade. So, before you buy keep in mind that the design of the blade for your toro recycler must have curved fins which helps your mower to mulch better.

Durability and Quality

Read in the manual the quality of the building material of the blade. Steel or fused tungsten carbide material blades are more durable and survive many seasons.

Paint on the blade is another quality factor you should look for because it prevents the blade from rust attack.

So, you must check on these points to buy a durable and qualitative blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you mulch with a Toro 22 recycler?

To mulch with toro 22 recycler, it is pretty much easy. Buy a mulching blade that is compatible with your toro and fit it on your mower with the help of a wrench. After this, your toro 22 recycler becomes the mulching one and you can use it for mulching.

Does Toro recycler mulch?

Toro recycler can be used for mulching as there are many toro models that are compatible with modern mulching blades. You just need to choose the right mulching blade for your mower and can use toro recycler for mulching operations on your lawn.

What size blade does a Toro Recycler 22?

The size of the blade is 22 inches for the toro recycler as it fits right on its deck, and you can cover more area to cut the grass precisely. You can also use a 21-inch size of the blade on your mower that is 22 inches. It will also fit.

Which way do Toro lawn mower blades spin?

The blades spin clockwise under the deck of the mower, and it should be installed in a way that its cutting edge faces the ground, this way you keep its movements clockwise for cutting grass accurately.

How to change the blade on a toro recycler mower?

To change the blade on a toro recycler mower follow these steps

  • Discount the spark plug wire.
  • Drain out fuel to avoid splashing.
  • Turn your toro recycler upside down.
  • Put a wood block to restrict the movement of blade and use wrench to unscrew it from the deck
  • Put the new blade on the shaft of toro such that its fins face the deck and cutting edges towards you.
  • After mounting, tight the blade on deck with the help of wrench.
  • After installation, connect spark plug wire, turn on your mower and you are good to go.

Final Thoughts

To find the best blade for toro recycler always check the buying guide and then choose a blade that fits your mower. You got to find a 21 or 22-inch length blade with properly curved fins for your toro recycler.

Regarding the performance and everything, the following are the top 2 from my list:

•	59534P Genuine Replacement Blade for Toro 22 Recycler3-N-1 Gator Blades for Toro 22-Inch Recycler 94-907 96-607

Both are explained above.

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