Gator Blades G5 Vs G6 | Detailed Comparison

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Still confused about which blade is best for your mower? Comparing the G5 vs G6 Gator blades leads you to the main features in which these blades differ. All of these blades have different functionalities and features which help you understand the main difference between G5 and G6 Gator blades.

Gator blades are the top trend in the industry for their mulching quality and rigorous cuts. All Gator blades are manufactured by Oregon and have some basic purposes they serve. The brand is Oregon which has released mainly three kinds of gator blades G3, G5, and G6.

Mainly, I will be comparing G5 vs G6.

Let’s deep dive into it.

G5 Vs G6 Gator Blades

G5 and G6 are compared here in terms of their parts, features, and performance which are discussed below:


G5 blades are the upgraded version of G3 Gator blades in the sense that their cutting edge has an ultra-hard tungsten carbide layer which gives the best mulching experience to the users.

Where G6 isn’t the upgraded version. Perhaps they are alone in their herd and have their own unique features.


As already mentioned, G5 blades have fused tungsten carbide incorporated in their body, it really increases their durability.

In other words, you will get rid of sharpening your mulching lawn mower blades and replacing them frequently.

G6 blades also have fused tungsten carbide incorporated in their body but their durability is more as compared to G5 Gators because they have more metals added in their body for the purpose of making them heavy for long-lasting and heavy-duty performance.

Hi-lift Angle

The hi-lift angle on their cutting edge makes them unbeatable among the other mulching blades.

The lift or in simple words the curved flap on the edges helps this blade to suck up grass and cut it into pieces.

Hi-lift angle basically creates a vacuum under the deck of the mower to push the grass towards the cutting edge and pass through them and again push them towards the cutting edge which means repetitive cutting produces a smaller grass clipping which every landscaper wants.

G5 blades have a hi-life angle on their wings compared to G6 which I have observed due to the mulching quantity after mowing.

As G5 gives more mulch (small pieces of grass) than the G6 blades.

Extended Cutting Length

The cutting edge of these blades on their wings is larger than regular or common mulching blades. This means you can take advantage of using more cutting area of your mower’s deck and save time.

Both G5 and G6 blades have extended cutting length only difference is that the cutting length of G6 is more rigid and harder than the G5 blades.

Thickness and Width

G5 blades aren’t wider and thicker compared to the G6.

G6 are wider and thicker that’s what defer them among all the Gator blades.

Regular vs Commercial Usage

G5 are suitable for regular mowers and work well with them.

G6 is made for commercial mowers to get the best mulching and heavy-duty performance.

Mulching Leaves

G5 blades are much better at mulching (cutting) leaves than the G6 because mulching leaves gets easier with the G5 only reason is that it fits well on regular mowers that are made for mulching leaves.

Where G6 are heavy for regular mowers which results in poor mulching performance.

Engine RPMs

Based on experience, I would say G6 pulls more RPMs (rotations per minute).

More RPMs meaning more pulling of engine power.

So G6 pulls more engine power and may seal your old mowers.

Where G5 works well on old mowers and consumes less RPMs.

Speed of Rotation Under the Deck

G5 blades rotate faster under the deck of the mower than G6 blades which means your mower efficiency is more maintained with using the G5 blades at each revolution.

Universal Mounting

G5 blades fit more mowers than the G6 which are only made for the commercial ones.

Oregon has released more G5 blades that fit many mowers and get good usage in many areas.

Comparison of Oregon Gator Blades G5 Vs G6

G5 Gator BladesG6 Gator Blades
Version Upgraded version of G3Unique version itself
Durability LessMore
Hi-lift Angle MoreLess
Extended Cutting Length GoodBetter
Thickness and Width LessMore
Regular vs Commercial Usage Good for regular mowers Good for commercial mowers
Mulching Leaves Better performanceGood performance
Engine RPMs (power usage)Consume less engine powerConsume more engine power
Speed of Rotation Under the Deck MoreLess
Universal Mounting YesNo, specific blades

Final Analysis

G5 blades are better than the G6 blades mainly in terms of their usage. If you are using a regular or old mower, the G5 blade is the one you should. And if you have a commercial lawn mower G6 is the one you should choose.

Now you have detailed Gator blades cross reference which you use to make your final decision for your mower.

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