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Oregon is a well-known brand that produces gator blades. Gator blades are popular nowadays and you might have observed them in your neighborhood or already using it. When it comes to choosing Gator blades for your mower, you should really know which is the right pick for your mower.

Getting into “Gator Blade Review” and landing on a final decision of which one is the best, you should first know the condition, model number, and deck size of your mower. I have used these three measures to check which Gator blade fits which type of mower well.

After reading my review you can easily know about Gator blades and make a final decision to choose from them.

I have tried following Gator blades and reviewed them according to their performance and quality.

Gator Mulching Blades Reviews

There are basically three types of Gator blade named G3, G5, and G6 which differs according to the building material and certain features. I have listed all three types and the best ones in this Gator mulcher blade review.

Oregon 598-629 G5, Pack of 2 | G5 Gator Blades Review

Oregon 598-629 G5 Gator Blades, Pack of 2

That blade is top of my list, I would say the G5 blades are way much better than other Gator blades.

The beauty of this blade is its cutting edge that is fused with carbide. Which gives it enough toughness to survive on thick grass and hurdles.

These blades are so damn easy to install that they can only take 15 minutes to top.

Because of their easy adjustment underneath the deck, they replace your old poor blades just like they were made for your mower.

Once on your deck, these Gator Blades set will definitely mulch leaves, mature oaks, and maples in the fall.

The cutting edge of the blade and body is a straight profile which means you can easily sharpen them with a grinder or file.

These blades really fix all the problems of bagging. You can enjoy mulching your lawn and give it a cleaner and greener look using these blades.

More to mention, these blades are made of high-quality steel which means on sharpening they won’t mind scratching some meta off as they will still be serving greats cuts even after several seasons.

Features and Dimensions
Length: 21-3/16″
Width: 3.00″
Thickness: .164″
Weight: 3.05 pounds
Mounting Hole: 5/8″ 6 pt. star
Bagging Power: Yes
What I like
  • Cutting edge fused with carbide for enhance performance
  • Easy to install and great value for money
  • Mulches everything on their way
  • Good bagging performance
  • High grade steel material
What I Don’t
  • Nothing to mention

Set of 2, Longer Life 596-370 | G5 Gator Blades Review

Set of 2, Longer Life 596-370 Gator Fusion G5 3-In-1 Mulching Blades to Replace 405380, 532405380, 403107, 532403107: Craftsman, Poulan, Husqvarna, Made in USA

Another great piece from Gators is this G5 blade.

These blades replace 405380, 532405380, 403107, 532403107: Craftsman, Poulan, and Husqvarna.

It bears almost the same features as the previously mentioned blade-like cutting edge fused with carbide, sharpness, easy to install, and durable material.

The one unique thing I observed about this blade is its durability that surpasses many passes.

Additionally, this blade fits many models like Craftsman, Poulan, and Husqvarna.

These blades a larger and wider than your original mower blades which means you can take full advantage of the deck size of your mower.

Another thing about these blades is that they cut lower than the original ones, so you better raise your mower settings before using these blades.

On the first go, you will clearly look at a great change in your speed of mower means it will be running faster after the installation of these blades.

The drawback could be the weight of these blades which is not good for the old engine. If you are using a new mower then that’s not a problem.

To get the best results, First, check the compatibility and then try them out.

Features and Dimensions
Length: 22-7/8″
Width: . 3″
Thickness: .187″
Weight: 3.05 pounds
Mounting Hole: 5 Point Star 
Bagging Power: Yes
What I like
  • Great G5 blade
  • Durable material
  • Larger and wider, serves more cutting area
  • Mower runs faster after installation of these blade
What I Don’t
  • A bit heavy, doesn’t work on old mowers

Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Lawn Mower Blade For Toro 22-Inch Recycler 94-907 96-607

Oregon Gator Mulcher 3-N-1 Lawn Mower Blade For Toro 22-Inch Recycler 94-907 96-607

Next to my list is the Gator G3 blade, there is no race between all the Gator blades, actually, it is the performance that differentiates them.

This mulcher blade is among the best mulching blades for toro recyclers.

As this blade has a circular mounting hole so the installation becomes very easy. You will just need a wrench and place it tightly on your mower.

This blade is made for walk behind toro (a mower) so it will only show good performance on toro recycler. Don’t try it on incompatible mowers which will only result in poor performance.

The weight is lighter than other Gator blades which means it will work well on old mowers and go beyond for your brand-new mowers.

Using this blade means you are doing quicker mulching rather than bagging.

This blade will save much time on your trip to your lawn yet serving a quality experience.

It has hardened steel which is made to extend its life.

Not to mention, the surprising thing I observed about this blade as it is quite sharp right after unboxing them.

So, you shouldn’t be worried about finding your grinder or file to sharpen it before installation.

Their thickness is so perfect that it doesn’t feel heavy and move faster under the deck of the mower.

Features and Dimensions
Length: 21-11/16-inch
Width: . 2.25″
Weight: 1.9 pounds
Mounting Hole: 7/16 inch diameter, circular
Bagging Power: No, just mulching
What I like
  • Easy installation
  • Comparatively lighter weight
  • Great Mulcher
  • Extended life
  • Sharp material
  • Just Right thickness for great movement under the deck
What I Don’t
  • Doesn’t support bagging
  • Cutting edge isn’t fused carbide

Oregon 92-616 G3 Gator Blades (Set of 3)

Oregon 92-616 G3 Gator Blades (Set of 3)

That’s another G3 blade holding a good position on my review list.

Again, it’s a G3 Gator blade which means it won’t get you bagging. But it will do great mulching.

This blade has an extra lift on its edges which means they offer more air stream into the deck.

Airstream is what drives the grass clippings towards the moving blades themselves. Grass clippings are cut repeatedly to produce much smaller pieces.

Using this blade means you won’t be paying for the recycling grass piles which will really save you money and time.

I would say they are eco-friendly mulching blades because you are cutting the grass right on your lawn and feeding it to the soil instead of using the landfill for grass clippings.

These mulcher blades work on all types of soils including sandy ones.

The best thing about this G3 is that they are already sharp so don’t go on the look of these blades as they are a bit dull. Sharpening prior to using is totally unnecessary.

These blades are Gator blades which signifies that they are thicker than OEM (original equipment manufacturer) blades.

Features and Dimensions
Length: 17-1/16″
Width: 2.5″
Thickness:  .187″
Weight: 2 pounds
Mounting Hole: 7-point star hole
Bagging Power: No, just mulching
What I like
  • Easy installation
  • Great Mulcher
  • Sharp material
  • Eco friendly
  • Thicker blade, extended shelf life
  • Extra lift on the edges or flaps
What I Don’t
  • Doesn’t support bagging
  • Cutting edge isn’t fused carbide

Oregon 95-057 Lawn Mower Blade 21-Inch For Craftsman AYP/Poulan & Honda

Oregon 95-057 Lawn Mower Blade 21-Inch For Craftsman AYP/Poulan & Honda

Second, last on my review is this blade, you can’t say it is G3, G5, or G6 blade because it is unique in its own sense.

It is more curved which means it is good and bad at the same time.

Good in the sense that it is more curved and angled which means cutting quality will be better than other Gators.

And bad in the sense that on the curvy edges you need to be careful while you are sharpening this blade. As it gets difficult to use a file or angle grinder to sharpen a blade that is curved.

More to add, this blade is very good at mulching, bagging, and discharging. You can use it for discharging or bagging which is a classy feature that everyone demands.

It is perfectly sharp, balanced, easy to install, and has good value for money.

Securing a good length, this Gator blade fits many mowers which you can check in the product description.

This blade is a bit heavy, but it works in a way that you will see your mower runs smoothly and bog less on tall grass.

Features and Dimensions
Length: 21″
Width: 2.8″
Weight: 2 pounds
Mounting Hole: circular 5/8″ in diameter
Bagging Power: No, just mulching
What I like
  • Unique design
  • More curvy
  • A good bagging and discharging blade
  • Perfectly sharp
  • No more mower bogging down
What I Don’t
  • Difficult to sharp due to curvy design

Oregon 396-719 PK3 Gator G6 Mulcher Blades – 18-15/16″

Oregon 396-719 PK3 Gator G6 Mulcher Blades - 18-1516

Last but not least on this read is the G6 gator blades review.

These are basically a set of three blades.

One thing mention here first is that whenever you buy a G6 blade you are buying a heavy, thick, and long-lasting blade.

There are 1 or 2 pounds heavier than the G3 or G5 Gator blades.

Actually, the manufacturer adds more metals to it to increase the thickness of this blade. The sole purpose of increasing the thickness is so it serves well with commercial lawnmowers.

As commercial lawn mowers are best compatible with such G6 blades.

Examples of commercial lawn mowers are John Deere M143520, M145516, M152726; Sunbelt: B1PD5054, B1PD1054. John Deere mower works best with mulching blades like these Gator blades.

These blades are strong enough to bear the stress and shear if you are mowing continuously for hours and may hit some rock or any strong object laying on your lawn.

Features and Dimensions
Length: 18-15/16″
Width: 3.00″
Thickness: 0.250″
Weight: 2 pounds
Center hole size: 13/16″
Air Lift: 1″
Bagging Power: No, just mulching
What I like
  • Heavy duty, wider and longer
  • Best for John Deere
  • Thick mulcher blade
  • Made for commercial mowers
  • Long lasting blades
What I Don’t
  • Nothing to mention, as they are king in their G6 types

Some Gator Blade Reviews From Experts and Real Time Usage

Summary of Oregon Blades Review

From the oregon gator blades review it is pretty much clear that they are great if you are planning to get the best out of mulching. You will observe different types of Gator blades which are G3, G5, and G6. All these types hold their own place in terms of their compatibility and performance. You can choose among the blades as mentioned above according to their compatibility with your lawnmower.

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