7 Best Mulching Blades for Riding Mower 2023

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Riding mowers are a common sight in neighborhoods, but have you ever wondered how you can get the best out of them? It is the mulching blades that will make your riding mowers a mulcher one yet take the laborious work out.

Mulching is when you cut grass into small pieces and leave them behind on the ground instead of sending them through a bag or chute. There are many benefits to mulching including better nutrient recycling, less time spent emptying bags, and healthier soil because there’s more organic matter in it.

So to get the best mulching benefits out of your riding mower, I have made this list based on experience and expert reviews.

Best Riding Mower Mulching Blades

1Oregon 95-605-3 G3, Gator Mulching Blades54 Inch Deck
2Maxpower 561713XB, Best Commercial Mulching Blades42 Inch Deck
3Maxpower 561532B, Best Mulching Blades for 42 Inch Cub Cadet 42 Inch Deck
4Oregon 598-629 Gator G5, Best Mulching Blades for Husqvarna 42 Inch Deck
58TEN LawnRAZOR, Best Mulching Blades for 42 inch Cub Cadet 42 Inch Deck
6Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Blades For Toro Timecutter 50 Inch Deck
7MTD Genuine Parts 30-Inch Mulching Blade 30 Inch Deck

Oregon 95-605-3 G3, Gator Mulching Blades


  • Perfect style and design
  • Fits 54 inch decks
  • Fast rotating blades
  • Easy mounting on mower
  • Great value for money
  • Best air lift design for better mulching
  • No cons

Gator blades are a great way to get the perfect cut. They come in many styles and sizes.

By the same token, these Gator blades are also ones among many that make your lawn look classy.

By all means, they have the right mount for Husqvarna riding mowers with 54 inch decks.

Basically, these blades are G3, which means they belong to the first generation launched by Oregon brand.

Uniquely, these blades are comparatively light, fast rotating, sharp and great mulcher.

Once you install them you may observe some incline in noise but that’s the noise of chopping grass they make.

Right after mowing, if you check the downside of your mowers, you will see less piles of grass sticking to the deck of your riding mower because the discharging potential of these blades is great when you are mowing.

Significantly, there’s nothing better than saving money while still getting what you need right? Because these blades are cheaper than market shop, yet deliver great output.

Equally important, these blades are not only made for riding but also work on zero-turn mower efficiently.

The airlift design of these blades makes it easier to mulch amid mowing on your lawn.

Lastly, all the features I explained earlier will work only if you are inserting them the right way. When you insert them on your mower keep the cutting edge towards you which is the edge that will face the ground after your mower is in the right position.

Maxpower 561713XB, Best Commercial Mulching Blades

9.8/10 Avg. Score


  • Great trimmer for mulching
  • Designed for bigger and aggressive job
  • Perfect weight so it supports and sync with your mower’s engine
  • Made in USA, a easy to install mulcher
  • Sharp cutting edge with curvy teeth
  • Good sucker
  • Better than OEM
  • Nothing to mention

Maxpower mulching blade is designed for bigger jobs than your typical mower can handle.

I have been using this blade for a few weeks and it seems to be doing a great job at cutting up all my leaves into tiny little pieces that compost nicely in my garden.

Another key point, these blades are sharp, and they work well on both dry and wet leaves alike.

Surprisingly, there is no need to add anything special to your lawn before you mow, like leaf blowers or gas-powered machines because the mulcher does such an excellent job on its own.

If you observe the pattern of its mounting hole, it is five stars that fit easily on the shaft.

Ideally, the design of these blades makes it the best mulcher. It has a perfect gap in between its sharp teethes which helps to create a good circular motion of grass within the deck.

Markedly, weighing around 27.5 ounces it doesn’t affect the life of your mower. Your mower runs smoother, nicer, and better.

Additionally, these blades a pretty sturdy and strong which makes it easier to mow on the tall and thick grass side by side trimming pines and leaves into pieces.

Reducing 40% of your mowing time your lawn will look cleaner and neater.

Sizing 21 inches long this blade is among the best 21-inch mulching blade for 42 inch deck size mowers.

In essence, if you have 42 in deck-size riding mower then these blades would be the right choice for you as they are ideal, standard, and better than OEM.

Maxpower 561532B, Best Mulching Blades for 42 Inch Cub Cadet

9.5/10 Avg. Score


  • High quality metal
  • Good cutter
  • Doesn’t touch each other under the deck of mower
  • Equal to standard mower blades
  • Easy insertion, just like OEM parts
  • Nothing to mention

Third, on my list are MaxPower 561532B mower blades.

Uniquely, they have strong steel construction and a sharp edge, which is perfect for cutting through grass.

These blades will work with most standard or mulching lawnmowers that use a blade size 21-3/16-inches.

Compared to previous mentions, these blades don’t have gapped teethes. Rather they have seamless curvy wings which help you to cut grass clippings.

Notably, you will face less need to scrap grass under the deck of your mower as these blades reduce grass to small clippings which are damn easy to handle.

The curvy wings of these blades increase the grass-catching performance of your lawn.

Keeping in mind three facts which are easy installation, durability, and value for money, I would give these blades 10/10.

To clarify here, if you install these blades the curvy shape doesn’t mean they will collapse with each other under the deck of the mower. There is a perfect gap in between blades after you install them.

Another thing to note here is that it is not an aggressive mulcher as Oregon blades are. But it is a kind of standard blade. It is just because it doesn’t have serrated teethes.

When it comes to choosing only the OEM replacement parts, then you can ignore aggressiveness.

Regarding the consistency of these blades on the field, after mowing a few passes, they might need sharpening.

Overall, these are some high-quality blades that I would recommend to anyone looking to replace their old ones.

Oregon 598-629 Gator G5, Best Mulching Blades for Husqvarna

9.0/10 Avg. Score


  • Good trimmer for weeds, shrubs, leftover grass
  • Fit many mowers
  • G5 version of blades, means extra quality
  • Aggressive mulcher
  • Steel material made in USA
  • An upgrade, not a replacement
  • Cutting area under the deck is served less
  • A bit noisy

Oregon mower blades are extremely high quality and made of the finest materials.

Oregon manufactures these G5 blades, starting with a solid piece of alloyed steel that has been heat-treated to increase strength and durability.

From there, each blade is sharpened and polished until it can slice through dense grass without any resistance which makes it the best mulching blade for Husqvarna mowers.

These blades are G5 which means they are the upgraded version with an extended cutting area.

You can take full advantage of your deck cutting area as these blades are dimensionally longer than normal blades. That’s why they are called an upgrade, not a replacement.

After installation, you will observe a good discharge of grass clippings just like your original blades after using them.

With the aggressive mulching power now you can move your cub cadet through patches fast.

Not only hitting through grass, but these suckers also work equally on the shrub’s remnants, leaves, leftover weeds, and anything planty.

Not to mention, they fit many mowers like Troy Bilt, MTD, and Cub Cadet models.

The drawback you will observe is the noise they produce and the cutting area they serve. It means they cover less area to cut which means you may need an extra pass to get cutting satisfaction.

To summarize, the cutting edge of this blade is given its trademark fused tungsten finish for aesthetic and cut quality. If you’re looking for a durable blade that will give your lawn years of service at an affordable price, then look no further than these blades.

8TEN LawnRAZOR, Best Mulching Blades for 42 inch Cub Cadet

8.5/10 Avg. Score


  • Takes less time to mow
  • Mow grass into very small pieces
  • Wobble less, perfectly balanced
  • Curved blade in simple word mulchy one
  • Works on thicker and taller grass
  • High lift is less
  • Only work on dry grass
  • Not good for thinner grass

Mowing the average lawn with a riding mower takes about an hour or so. If you have a large yard, then it could take longer than that. With 8ten LawnRAZOR blades, all of this is going to change.

Not only will these blades cut through tall grasses effortlessly, but they’ll do so in just seconds.

For one thing, the design of these blades is what differentiates them as they have curves all over their body. The middle section and the curved wings create a strong airstream to suck and chop grass into small pieces.

Talking of small pieces, these blades won’t work on wet grass because if you mow on wet grass the small clippings of wet grass will stick together making pulp-like material sticking to your lawnmower.

So, make sure your grass is dry before you mow,.

After installation, these blades really change the mowing behavior of your mower as it starts chopping more, vibrating less, and discharging more efficiently.

Efficiently working on turf-grass these blades dice 3-inch-tall grass into small pieces, not easy to trace. That’s what makes them fit for Cub Cadet.

Another thing I observed was a perfect balance and less wobble effect of these blades.

Do observe them after a few passes and you will know these blades need frequent sharpening.

These blades are made to work on thicker grass but don’t use them on thinner versions as it chops everything up into dust.

Rotary Copperhead Toothed Mulching Blades For Toro Timecutter

8.7/10 Avg. Score


  • Best for toro timecutter riding mowers
  • Works well on tall grass that is upto 6 inch
  • No need to scrap grass under the deck of mower
  • Mulches leaves from tree fall very well
  • Cutting edge isn’t extended as that of Gator mulching blades
  • May require mulching kit on some mowers for proper fitment

These rotary mulching blades are specialized blades that can be installed on a riding toro Timecutter mower to help shred grass, weeds, and leaves.

Dimensionally 18 x 5 x 4 inches weighing 5.81 pounds these blades are easily fit the Toro Timecutter Z 5000 series.

Uniquely, you won’t need to scrape the grass of your mower’s deck after using these blades.

Keeping the deck settings so they cut 2.5 inches, you can really have your riding mower cut tall grass more than six inches.

Regarding the building material, these blades are clearly made of high-quality steel which makes them true survivors on your lawn.

Regarding mulching performance, they clear mulch grass more than regular blades.

If you compare the value for money and performance, then both factors go hand in hand. These blades are cheaper than other mulching or OEM blades in the market and clearly cheaper than the local market.

Whether it’s the lawn in acres or a small one you won’t need to rake up the leaves that fall from nearby trees. You just need to install them right in order to get their performance potential.

If you look at their fitment, they are much similar to Oregon Gator blades and mulches just like them. But their cutting edge isn’t extended as that of Gator blades.

On some mowers that are the non-mulcher type like Toro MX 5050, you might need a mulching kit to install them properly.

For the most part, I would say these are good copperhead blades in the collection of Rotary brands. You just need to install them right and happily enjoy mulching.

MTD Genuine Parts 30-Inch Mulching Blade

8.0/10 Avg. Score


  • Good leaves and grass mulcher for 30 inch decks
  • Made in USA
  • Close to original regular blades
  • 3 in 1 blade: Mulches, bag, and discharge
  • Perfect width and length for right fitment
  • Costly
  • Need a bit of balancing before mounting on mower

Enough with the clippings and shreds. Get rid of them in one easy motion with MTD Genuine Parts 30-Inch Mulching Blade.

This blade is originally made in USA by Arnold corporation.

It’s a replacement blade that you install right on a 30-inch mower deck, which shortens grass clippings, twigs, leaves, and uneven grass to produce fine mulch.

Ideally, this blade fits a 30-inch deck size and produces much finer mulch.

Identically, this blade is much similar to the original blade, but it doesn’t bend as the original blade does.

Notably, the thickness of this blade is 0.8 inches which means it is perfect to withstand stress and shear side by side cutting the grass efficiently.

Comparatively, this blade is MTD and not like other mulching blades that have fins on them. The design of this blade is curved with perfect width of 2.5 inches. The curviness of this blade is what that’s makes it a 3-in-1 blade.

It means it does mulching, bagging, and discharging at the same time just like normal regular mower blades.

One thing to note here they a costly and not well balanced as other mulching blades. But if you want a total right fitment you can go for that. You can adjust their balance with plastic balance and hammer.

Buying Guide for Mulching Blades for Riding Mower

infograph - buying tips to find best mulching blade for riding mower
Short Infographics Explanation for Buying

Choosing a mulching blade is not an easy task. There are many factors that should be considered before making a purchase, and it can be difficult to know where to start. In this guide, I will share with you the top things to consider before buying mulching blades so you can make the best decision for your needs.

There are different things you can consider before buying mulching blades

OEM Replacement Number

OEM stands for the original equipment manufacturer, so always prefer a mulching blade that has an OEM number the same as that of your old ones.

Size and Fitment

Mulching blades should be compatible to replace those old worn-out ones with the new ones so that they can work fine as before. There is a different size for different brands, model, and type of engine system. So, make sure you have the correct sized blade before purchasing.

The correct size mainly depends on the dimensions of the blades which are length, width, and thickness.


The length of the mulching blade is important when choosing the right one. Blades with longer lengths (usually a half or 1 inch longer than normal) are ideal for wide-decks, while shorter blades work best on narrow decks models.


Width defines how much area can be covered by one single pass of mulch blade on grass or weeds. A wider blade leads to covering less time but more area at once whereas narrow size leads to more passes that results in high costs of labor. So, choose carefully according to your work capacity.


Thickness mainly helps in increasing the life of blades. As thick blade lasts longer. In this respect, Gator blades are the best.

Number of Blades

The number of blades also matter as different mower require different number of blades to work properly.


Good quality blades are made up of long-lasting material. Such types of blades should be preferred while buying.

Steel, high carbon, copperhead, and tungsten fused cutting edges are the features you should look for while buying.

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